TermiGuard Is A NJ Pest Control Company And Much Much More…

TermiGuard is a NJ Pest Control Company Operating predominately in South Jersey And Philadelphia.

You can contact TermiGuard at one of our three offices:

South Jersey: (856) 753-1401
Jersey Shore: (609) 601-9400
Philadelphia:  (215) 627-2224

TermiGuard Corporate Address:

420 Kelly Drive, Suite A
West Berlin, NJ 08091

Pests are a concern for New Jersey area home and business owners. Inside and outside infestations can be a health risk to residents.

We specialize in prevention and removal of various types of pests, including:

Common pests create structural damage, lawn damage, and cause quite a mess when they make their way into a building. These nuisances are more than just an embarrassment.

Rodents, roaches, and fleas all carry dangerous bacteria and diseases. Other pests bring their own safety risks and destruction.

Professional prevention and removal services from an extermination company are the best way to prevent these pests from entering your home, business, and property.

TermiGuard Pest Services experts can help you remain safe and infestation free by performing a thorough examination and prevention techniques.

An already existing problem must be treated as soon as it is detected for optimal results. Most of these pests grow quickly in numbers.

It only takes a few undetected pests to create a very large problem.

Contact one of our professionals today to rid your home or business of current pests.

With a thorough evaluation, we can begin treatment to remove the present infestation and create a plan to avoid future invasions.

Contact a TermiGuard Pest Services location in the New Jersey area today to learn how we can resolve your current pest problems.