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    Rave Reviews from South Jersey Clients

    At TermiGuard, we put the customer first. After all, we’re homeowners too! We always make sure the job is done right … the first time. Don’t take it from us. Read what our happy clients have to say.

    “TermiGuard’s YardGuard Program is a welcome solution for my mosquito problems. Prior to the first application, I was unable to do any yard work on my property without being surrounded by swarms of mosquitoes and being bitten numerous times despite my use of several other repellents. Since the first application of the YardGuard repellent, the swarms of mosquitoes are gone and I have not gotten a single bite.”

    Jackie I.

    Voorhees, NJ

    “THANK YOU! We’ve had our service contract with you for some time now, and would like to compliment you on your exceptionally polite, responsive, knowledgeable staff! Everyone, from the office staff to the many exterminators sent to our home to provide service have been terrific. We’ve never had a problem that wasn’t taken care of promptly. You must be doing something right!”

    Marcia and Joe T.

    Cherry Hill, NJ

    “For me personally, the most compelling reason I chose your company was personal attention with zero pressure. … So many of the ‘big name’ companies give you partial info at best and basically force you into a contract without giving you much to work with. That was huge for me.

    We are very happy so far and I look forward to a happy bug free future!”

    Tracey Markovsky

    Marlton, NJ


    Pest Control

    Our pest control programs can range from one-time treatments to customized scheduled visits that cover up to 50 general pests. Our three pest control programs are the top-of-the-line defense for your home. The TG Basic plan includes unlimited callbacks and termite monitoring.

    Indoor Pest Control Worker
    Family enjoying the outdoors

    Commercial Pest Control

    TermiGuard Services is the most trusted name in commercial pest control in South Jersey for decades. With a team of experienced technicians and unmatched industry capabilities, you can trust us to keep your business safe.

    Termite Control

    Our yearly termite inspections give you peace of mind that your home is protected, no matter what the season. We tailor our inspection and treatment plans to meet your needs. 

    Mole hills
    Real Estate Inspections


    Moles are a menace that can create unsightly runs and destroy your plants. Our MoleGuard program gets rid of moles and the voles that come with them through targeted fogging and baiting, with several follow-up visits throughout the year.


    Water in your home leads to some of the most destructive problems a homeowner can face. From mold growth to pest infestation, a litany of home disasters are caused by moisture intrusion. Our waterproofing jobs are covered by a 25-year warranty.

    Basement Waterproofing
    Mold Remediation in Attic

    Drainage Control

    Improper drainage can ruin a yard and threaten a home’s foundation. Don’t let your investment go to waste. Our experts can diagnose your drainage problems, detail a solution and implement it quickly and efficiently.

    Sump Pumps

    Our visionary SumpGuard programs pair top-of-the-line pumps with recurring maintenance to ensure that you’re never left unprotected. Don’t wonder when water hits. Get peace of mind today.

    Worker Assessing Crawl Space Encapsulation
    Real Estate Inspections

    Mold Remediation

    Don’t tolerate this contamination in your home for even a day. We contain the infested areas and track down the root cause of the mold growth, halting the problem at the source and giving you back your healthy environment.

    Mold Inspections

    If you have constant allergies with no apparent source or smell a musty odor that won’t go away, it’s possible you  have mold in your home. Ignorance is not bliss! Call the experts and find out for sure. 

    Mole hills
    Mold Remediation

    Moisture Control

    Your home has a perfect zone for temperature, humidity, and air quality, and its systems work to keep these measurements in the right place at all times. But what happens when these systems get misaligned? Moisture starts to build and infiltrate your home’s critical spots. You need an expert team trained to spot the warning signs.

    Foundation Repair

    Slanting floors and doors that won’t close can indicate serious foundation problems, and you don’t want to put off these repairs. Whether your foundation needs reinforcement, crack fills, or complete wall replacements, the Fenwick team can make it right.

    Worker Assessing Crawl Space Encapsulation
    Moisture Control and Remediation

    Crawl Space Encapsulation

    Your crawl space is a vector for unhealthy air. Half of the air in your first floor has circulated through your crawl space. If the air down there is musty, stale, and full of allergens, your first floor air will be too. Created a “bubble-like” atmosphere in your crawl space can solve these issues.


    Keeping the moisture out of your home is your roof’s most important job. So it makes sense you’d hire moisture control experts to handle your roofing issues. The team at TG Fenwick Building & Renovations is the only roofer in South Jersey that specializes in moisture. 

    Foundation Crack Repair
    Moisture Control and Remediation

    Structural Repairs & Renovations

    Have you received a bad inspection report for a home you own? Has an occupant noticed a serious structural problem that could hurt resale value? Do you need to open up the first floor before you put a property on the market? Call the team at TG Structural Repairs & Renovations to get your property into shape — fast and on-budget.