Autumn Stink Bug Control

Everyone is glad that stink bugs (insects which emit foul odors from their scent glands when threatened) do not bite. Their rapid rates of population growth in the last decade have caught people off guard, and most find that the simplest way to deal with an infestation at home is to leave the bugs alone because the smell can become overwhelming.

The problem with this method of live-and-let-live is that stinkbugs can damage home gardens and will also nest in buildings anywhere they can. Some people are also allergic to the scent stink bugs emit.

These small, shield-shaped pests emerge in the spring and settle around homes as the weather warms up. They usually will not invade buildings until later, during autumn, which can lead people to think that they have escaped infestation for the year.

Autumn Stink Bug Control

In the fall, however, stink bugs are attracted to homes and other structures when they go searching for a protected place to spend the winter.

They typically crawl into homes through cracks in or under the baseboards, gaps in weatherstripping or holes in window and door screens. Stink bugs, while they pose little threat to humans, are still considered a menace for their noise and odor. They are also quickly becoming a pest to fruit and other crops in the Mid-Atlantic region.

When residents try to remove the stink bugs by themselves, they run into plenty of problems.

DIY stink bug control doesn’t work

First, some homeowners have stopped killing individual bugs because of the smell they emit. Instead, some residents have resorted to capturing and releasing the insects outside of buildings, where the bugs quickly find their way back inside.

Second, while vacuuming can help people collect some stink bugs without suffering from their overpowering scent, after awhile the vacuum itself begins to retain the smell.

Stink bugs do respond to certain pesticides, and it is advised that residents contact a licensed pest control company, like TermiGuard, to spray the exterior of buildings. Since pesticides are poisonous, they should be applied by a responsible company to ensure the safety of all residents.

TermiGuard will use the correct pesticides to help eliminate stink bug infestations. If you do not yet have stinkbugs inside your home, you should consider contacting TermiGuard to spray your home’s exterior to prevent the bugs’ congregating there as the weather gets colder.