Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Infestations Rise In Summer Months!
Here’s what you need to know and how you can stay protected…

The weather is warming up and the first day of summer is just around the corner!

Perhaps you’ll be doing some fun traveling to places near and (or) far…

Unfortunately Bed Bugs don’t care whether you’ll be ‘here’ or ‘there’

Unless you plan on staying with family or friends you may have already made travel accommodations such as a hotel booking, and perhaps even transportation. Surely if you’re planning more than a day trip to the nearby beach, lake, amusement park, or museum this will be one of the most important steps in your trip planning process.

Hotels, transportation companies, and other tourist attractions will be busy getting folks “in-and-out” (literally). You’ll have no control over who checks into your hotel room before you, same goes for that shiny corvette you just splurged on renting…

Since bed bug infestations are known to occur through travelers (they’ll head to a new place, city, or state, by hitching a ride onto you or whatever else you may be lugging along), you’ll want to be aware of how you can prevent them from making you or your home their next relaxation destination!

Just the Bed Bug infestation facts please…

The 2015 Bugs Without Borders Survey – released by The National Pest Management Association & the University of Kentucky – found that bed bug infestations are at an all time high, and even more so, are increasing during the summer months.

“Our survey has found that residential settings and hotels continue to be the top places where exterminators are finding and treating for bed bugs,” stated Missy Henriksen – vice president of public affairs for the NPMA. “As summer travelers eagerly visit destinations, new and familiar, it’s important to remind them that the best way to stem the spread of bed bugs is to be vigilant during and after their trip.”

Bed Bug Infestation prevention is key!

We travelers have a due diligence to follow and that is to be aware of our surroundings while staying at hotels or  when using public transportation.

While bed bugs are not a seasonal pest, 61% of the pest control professionals who were surveyed stated they received more calls at a certain time of the year – of those, two-thirds stated summer was the busiest season! Unknowingly folks may be transporting more bed bugs back home during summer due to the increase in travel, use of public transportation and hotel stays compared to any other time of the year.

So, what can you do to keep those bed bugs from latching on during your travels?

75% of pest control professionals reported finding bed bugs in hotels and motels…

Given that fact…here’s what you need to know:

• Inspect your room before you being to unpack – this means looking for signs of an infestation (old or new). I know this doesn’t paint the prettiest of pictures, but look for small circular blood stains, bed bug carcasses, even live bed bugs themselves. If you notice signs of an infestation, change rooms/hotels immediately. If you do change rooms, be sure you don’t more to a room adjacent or directly above/below a suspected infestation!

• Avoid placing your luggage or clothing directly on the floor, the bedding, or the drawers the hotel provides. Instead, use luggage racks when unpacking and hang your clothes in the closet.

• Check the mattress and headboard 1st! Pack a small flashlight in case the lighting isn’t very bright. LED flashlights are inexpensive and are now made compact for travel.

Some good news…

Some hotels are introducing mattress protection covers for bed bugs – but it’s still a good idea to have a good look. Ask the hotel check-in staff if they’ve had bed bug problems, how recently they’ve had them, has the problem been dealt with, when the treatment work was done, and who did the work.

For a list of hotels that have had issues with bed bugs, visit –

When traveling on planes, subways or metro stations, even bus and railways…

• Place luggage into large trash bags especially for longer durations where you’ll be stowing the luggage  away with those of other travelers.

Upon arriving home…

• Check the outside of your suitcases (even your carry-ons) before bringing them inside. Consider unpacking them in your garage, putting the contents in a plastic trash bag to carry them to your dryer, and then putting the contents in your drying, running it on high heat for at least 20 minutes (heat kills all stages of bed bugs).

While the dryer is doing its work, is a great time to check the insides your empty luggage for any evidence of bed bugs.

You’d rather be ‘safe than sorry’, right?

Bed bugs travel by ‘hitching rides’ and since we’re constantly ‘coming and going’ there’s a lot of risk involved! It may sound like tedious work, annoying even, but practicing the proper prevention bed bug strategies will only help to ensure you don’t encounter a bed bug nightmare when you’re back inside the comforts of home!

Help spread the word!

Bed Bug Awareness Week is June 7 – June 13…Let’s all spread the word and get every we know to practice these bed bug prevention strategies!

Just in case you’re too late in reading this and bed bugs have already found their way onto you or into your home (I really hope that’s NOT the case), never make bed bug control a ‘do-it-yourself’ project! Call your local, and trusted pest control professional immediately before they spread to a neighbor, a family member, or friend!

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Call TODAY and we’ll take on your bed bug challenge no matter how big or small! (856)-753-1401 – we’re ready and standing by!