How to Avoid Mold Scams

Black mold in the corner of kitchen.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home or you’re just a concerned homeowner in the South Jersey area, suspected mold can bring many concerns.

All you know is you want the problem taken care of as quickly as possible, but who can you trust?

Is it safe to assume you can actually trust the mold contractor you do choose will be a well-trusted company, one that’ll keep your best interests at heart?

In other words, how will you know they aren’t just trying to get into your wallet with a mold scam?

Unfortunately – mold scams are out there

As sad as it is to report, not all mold contractors – or mold treatment and remediation service companies – are created equal.

Some will try to charge you for work you don’t need. Some will make assumptions or claims based on little or no knowledge at all – like naming the type of mold by just looking at it – when such assumptions or claims would be nothing more than wild guesses.

For example, there are about 100,000 species of mold, and they can can come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. There’s no way for a homeowner (or anyone else) to tell (on the spot) what kind of mold it is.

To find out, a contractor or mold professional would need to take test samples, use a microscope, and send samples to a specialized lab.

Last time we checked, no one’s eyesight is that good. So making a guess or giving false or unworthy information is unprofessional and should be a clear warning sign.

The Good Guys Exist, Despite the Mold Scams

At TermiGuard Mold & Restoration Services – we take extreme pride in everything we do for you, because:

  • We care about and value you and your property
  • It’s our commitment to provide you with healthier living – it’s our passion!
  • Your time and hard-earned money simply deserve our ‘nothing-but-the-best’ service.

As you can imagine, we find it a bit embarrassing to be associated with these unscrupulous contractors in our own industry.

We think It’s time to put those shoddy contractors to bed.

How to Avoid Mold Scammers

Always watch for the warning signs of questionable ethics and poor workmanship:

  • What’s being said on the Internet – Google Reviews and websites like Angie’s List or ServiceMagic post full consumer reports and feedback on all kinds of companies (and Angie’s list even ‘grades’ the contractor).
  • Are they members (in good standing) of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – Be sure to check. The BBB does extensive research on the company and the owners. If the feedback isn’t that great, well, that should speak for itself, right?
  • Does the company have a website – Most professional companies have no problem putting themselves out there – via a website – to offer you information on their company and the products/services they offer. Check for customer testimonials and ask for references too. If there’s no website or address listed, might they be hiding something?
  • Do they have an actual office address – While they may charge less, a contractor who’s little more than a guy (or gal) with a cell phone and a truck may not be your best choice – especially if you need to reach them quickly. Get contact details, hours they’re available, and best times to reach them. And be sure to drive by and have a look to see if they really do have an office.
  • Are they professional – Mold contractors or remediation services should be dressed professionally, giving you a clear representation of the company they represent. But, that’s not all – give them a call and see what kind of customer service you get.
  • Do they answer the phones or will you be faced with voice mail hell? Are they friendly and helpful, or seemingly disinterested? Do they listen and take action?
  • Do they make false or questionable claims or give wrong information or feedback? It’s wrong and unprofessional for a company or mold contractor to make false claims, like naming the type of mold you have (on the spot) without actually testing the mold. You can also do some research (using credible sources) before a mold inspection. Be sure to quiz the contractor to see if they know their ‘stuff.’
  • Is their estimate Inflated or under-priced – If you’ve had several contractors give you estimates (all within the same range), you might be able to predict what the pricing of your specific issue might be. If you have one company whose numbers are completely off that mark, well, they might not know what they’re doing, or could be charging for unnecessary work – with one goal in mind – taking as much of your money
    as they can!

See it all happen in real life

In 2012, Jeff Rossen – reporting for TODAY – went undercover (pretending to have mold issues in a New Jersey home), as he video-taped shady mold contractors as they attempted to scam and take advantage of the homeowner (actually a confederate portraying the homeowner)

You’ll never believe what they were able to uncover about these mold scammers. Check it out here – and be sure not to let it happen to you!