DIY Termite Control: Is it a good idea?

An active termite infection is one of the most dreaded occurrences for any homeowner. Finding hollow or damaged wood in your home, tiny termite droppings on the ground, mud tubes running through your yard, or worst of all, large swarms of termites flying in your house are terrible signs. At the first sign of termites, you should take action to rid your home of the harmful pests that can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. But should you call in the professionals, or are there DIY termite control options you can use? 

Generally, DIY termite control solutions are less expensive, but they are also much less effective. There are currently no products available to homeowners that have a 100% success rate against termites. Liquid termiticides and termite baits the public can buy may kill some of the termites, but they are unlikely to kill all of them. Even professional termite control experts are rarely able to kill all of the termites in one visit. However, DIY termite control solutions can be effective when used preventatively rather than after termites have infested a home. 

If you believe your house has already been infested with termites, we recommend you call a professional termite control service as soon as possible. Consider using TermiGuard Services to get rid of your termites for good. As a member of the No Worries Termite Care Plan, any treatment required is at no cost to you, covered with your treatment warranty, and is transferable for life. Our termite control experts will return to your home until your termite problem has passed for good. Call us today for a free analysis and estimate.  

DIY Termite Control vs. Professional 

Though homeowners can purchase termiticides in stores and online, the termiticides available for DIY termite control efforts are not as effective as those used by professional services. The difference is like buying over-the-counter medications versus proscribed medications: the over-the-counter stuff isn’t as powerful. Professional termite control companies have access to more potent chemicals that aren’t considered safe for homeowners to use on their own, but which are safe when handled by professionals who know what they’re doing. 

As a result, DIY treatments aren’t always effective. While you’ve been trying to get rid of the termites yourself, the termite population may have even grown, leading to more damage and a worse infestation that the professionals will need to tackle. Instead, call in the experts to begin with. Not only do they have more effective treatment, but they also have a better understanding of all the places the termites could be hiding. Professionals are able to spray the necessary chemicals in all the places they need to be sprayed in order to get rid of the termite infestation for good. 

One-Time Attempts vs.s. Long-Term Termite Control 

Even for professional termite services, one-time solutions rarely get rid of all the termites. If only a few termites are left alive, they can repopulate and reinfest the home. Instead, termite control services return until they are sure that all of the termites have been killed, leaving the home termite-free. Homeowners who try to get rid of the termites themselves, though they may apply the termiticide multiple times, often don’t have the ability to determine if all of the termites have been killed. Instead, they may believe they’ve killed all of the termites, only for the infestation to return a few days later. 

To find out if termites have gone for good, professionals use termite monitoring systems. These are typically installed in the ground near where termites are expected to live at intervals of 10 to 20 feet. They can detect termite populations in the soil and surrounding structures. In addition to seeing whether termites have been exterminated, they can be used to monitor an area to make sure they don’t return. 

Though some of these systems can be purchased online, they are somewhat complicated and can be challenging to use correctly for homeowners without a background in termite control. Professionals can expertly monitor termite populations and keep track of the termite population. As the treatment kills the termites, professionals monitor and record progress. When all of the termites have been killed off, your property will be certified as termite-free. 

Assessing and Repairing Termite Damage 

Unfortunately, the problems caused by a termite infestation do not end with extermination. Termites often leave behind extensive damage to wooden structures, some of which may not be easily visible. If the damage to floorboards, walls, and other structures is not assessed and repaired, it could leave your house weak and vulnerable to sagging floors or even structural collapses. 

Some termite control companies, including Termiguard, offer extensive assessment and repair services in addition to termite extermination. At Termiguard, we don’t just repair the basics; our professionals have the expertise to deal with all sorts of damage, from minor repairs to full restoration. As your one-stop-shop for termite control, our understanding of where your termites have caused the damage will allow us to determine exactly what repairs your home will need. 

In addition to repairing the damage caused by termites, it’s essential to assess what made your home vulnerable to a termite infestation in the first place. Factors such as the design of your home, property maintenance practices, the soil type, and the soil’s moisture can all contribute to causing a termite infestation. Once your home is certified as termite-free, your termite professionals can help you take steps to ensure termites do not return. 

Implementing Custom Termite Control Plans 

One of the steps you should take to ensure termites don’t return is to invest in regular termite control checkups. Some professional termite control services, including Termiguard, offer termite control plans. Once your home is certified as termite-free, professionals will return at regular intervals to make sure your home stays termite-free. That way, if another termite infestation occurs, the professionals should be able to catch it early and eliminate the threat before the termites cause much damage. 

Some termite control companies, including Termiguard, offer custom termite control plans. Every home is different, and a termite control plan that works for one home might not work for another. For example, depending on the soil type and kinds of wooden structures on the property, different kinds of inspections and termite extermination or prevention treatment may be needed. Different combinations of preventative liquid termiticide monitoring stations should be custom-designed for your home. 

If you’re still on the market for a custom termite control plan, consider using Termiguard’s No Worries Termite Care Plan. Our termite extermination experts will inspect your property, get rid of any termites, and take careful note of any structural damage. After your property has been certified as termite-free, our professionals return to your property four times per year to inspect your property and make sure the termites do not return. As a member of the No Worries Termite Care Plan, any treatment required is at no cost to you, and we cover you with a $75,000 warranty, transferable for life. 

Our 4-Step Termite Control Process 

Whether or not you opt into our No Worries Termite Care Plan, our experts follow our carefully-crafted 4-step termite control process to ensure that your termite infestation is completely eliminated. First, we offer free initial consultation. During this stage of the process, our termite control experts will speak with you to understand the issue. We’ll also help you better understand what termite control involves and the options you have to treat the issue. 

If you decide to continue with us, our termite control experts will come out to your property and perform an inspection. We’ll pinpoint where the termites are located on your property and determine the best way to get rid of them during this step. We’ll also firm up the estimate and let you know exactly what you can expect from the extermination process. We pride ourselves on educating our clients on the finer points of termite extermination and control to play an active role in protecting their property from termites. 

During the third stage, our extermination experts will come out to your property to get rid of the termites using our potent extermination formulas. We may have to return to your property a few times to get rid of all the termites. We’ll keep careful track of the termite population during this step and keep you informed on progress toward complete extermination. 

After a few visits, our experts will eradicate all of the termites, and your property will be deemed termite-free. The process’ final stage involves following up with you to ensure all of the termites are dead. We will also make sure you understand how the termites have damaged your property, and you may choose for us to make the necessary repairs. If you are part of our No Worries Termite Care Plan, we will also return four times a year to ensure your property is not reinfested. 

To receive free consultation and to learn more about the pros and cons of DIY termite control versus professional termite control, give us a call today.