Do You Need NJ Bed Bug Control?

Maintaining NJ bed bug control by taking preventative measures against the chances of being infested with the nasty little critters is a smart choice. Not long ago there was a huge outbreak of bed bugs in the Northeast of the U.S. Apartment buildings, retail stores, department stores, offices and many more locations were all infested with bed bugs. People were avoiding shopping and visiting others, because of the fear of bringing them home. You don’t have to be afraid, you have to be cautious. Educating yourself and taking preventative steps to help avoid the risk of bringing bed bugs into your home will empower you with NJ bed bug control.

Tips To Help With NJ Bed Bug Control

  • Do not make purchases at second hand or thrift stores, many times they get the items donated and are not aware of infestations. Items such as furniture, purses and clothes are great homes for bed bugs.
  • Do not stop on the side of the road and pick up that sofa, no matter how good it looks, it is on the side of the road for a reason. The previous owner may have put it there because it is infested or it may be infested with bed bugs and they didn’t even know.
  • If you buy clothes or bedding from a retail store there are a couple steps to follow. First wrap the bag from the store up and seal it closed, and then throw it away immediately. Next put the purchased items in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes.
  • Steam Clean your furniture and mattresses. The steam kills bed bugs and their eggs immediately.  This is one of the best NJ bed bug control tips, because it is cost effective and easy.
  • Purchase protective bed and furniture encasements. These encasements secure your furniture and bed against bed bug infestation and as a bonus are waterproof too, so they will save your stuff from stains too.
  • Bed bug barrier tape is available for use on vents and outlets. This product prevents the bed bugs from your neighbor’s apartment from infesting your apartment. This is one of the most common ways that bed bugs spread through an entire building so quickly.

There are many other items available to help with NJ bed bug control.

When Prevention Doesn’t Work And You Need NJ Bed Bug Control Services

No matter how many preventative steps you take, there is no guarantee that bed bugs will not make your home theirs. In the unfortunate event that you get infested with the blood sucking pests, you need to call a NJ bed bug control service to come and eliminate your infestation. Once you are infested, exterminators are the only way to get rid of the biting critters.