Choosing the right insect repellant

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Is there a secret way to choose the right insect repellant?

And, you thought choosing an insect repellent is about as simple
As choosing a bottle of sunscreen, right?

If you’re like most of us, when you choose a sunscreen you check its Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number, along with how long a single application will effectively protect you.

So, it seems only logically there would be something similar for insect repellents too… right?

Not until now… but It looks like we’re in luck…

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has just released a new graphic for insect repellents that will make it easier for your make your insect repellant choices easier.

The EPA is making this graphic available to insect repellent manufacturers for use on their products (on a strictly voluntary basis, at this time), to help you know which insect it’s intending for (like mosquitoes or ticks), and how long it will effectively protect you from them.

The labeling will help you choose the product that best meets protection needs against the many diseases carried by the likes of mosquitoes and ticks.

The EPA’s press release of the new graphic states that they’re accepting applications from manufacturers who wish to add the graphic to their insect repellent product labeling.

And while the project is still in ramp-up mode – be sure to be on the look-out for the graphic on your ‘go-to’ insect repellent products – hopefully we’ll all be seeing it soon.

But wait, there’s more (you can do to improve insect repellant protection)…

Insect repellents are one of the great ways to prevent bites from disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes and ticks, and all of us at TermiGuard Pest Services encourage you to use them.

But did you know, there’s more to tick and mosquito prevention than just lathering up with sprays and creams?

Here’s how to find out what else you can do to reduce your chances of nasty bites even more…

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