Fenwick Building & Renovations

Fenwick Building & Renovations…What’s that?
Special Message from: Jim Allen

You may be asking…

“TermiGuard Services…& Fenwick? Since when have they provided all of these services (listed below)? How and why are they connected? What’s their expertise? Do they know what they’re doing and how can I trust they will do things right?”

Pest, Wildlife & Termite Control
Mold & Water Intrusion Evaluations
Mold Remediation & Treatments

Foundation Waterproofing
Property Damage Restoration
Structural & Foundation Repairs
Crawl Space Encapsulation

“Just how are they related? Is there a method to their madness or is it random chaos? What’s the benefit to me?”

Just who are we?

Hello everyone – I’m Jim Allen, co-owner of TermiGuard Services & Fenwick. Apparently, once again, I haven’t done a very good job…

I haven’t done a very good job of explaining who we are, what we do, why we do it and how it directly benefits you. And let’s face it, the sole reason for a service company is to provide benefit, ease the fear, problem solve and provide peace-of-mind to the client…and that’s you!

It’s true, our main service platform has been pest & termite control since 2001. But what many of you may not know – and well, apparently don’t – (that’s the part where I haven’t done a very good job…) is our roots, both as a company and personally, are deep in property inspection, building and the restoration industries. After all, we’ve been doing it since 1988.

If you have some time…I can explain

Problems with any home or building most often begin when water finds its way inside – and our services are designed to combat water’s various negative effects…and then defend against future water intrusion.

Water is the reason why every one of our services is needed…without water, well I guess you could say – we’d be drowning! Now isn’t that an oxymoron!

In 1988. out of the blue, my brother (and business partner) Mike and I both lost our respective jobs at around the same time – and since Mom and been the ultimate role model for business ownership and being entrepreneurial – we decided to start our own business.

Being young (foolish?), and mechanically inclined…

We started out building decks and patios, then, at our client’s insistence, expanded to home renovations, which eventually found us dealing with all aspects of building homes and other structures.

To expand, we eventually bought a home inspection franchise, and quickly grew it to become the top office 350 nationwide…and we maintained that top spot position the whole time we owned the franchise.

At its peak we employed 5 inspectors completing as many as 2,500 inspections each year. Indeed, we were among the largest home inspection service providers in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area.

Part of our service as home inspectors was to refer our clients to contractors who would help them service the home deficiencies we’d identified. But, because we’d had so many awful experiences with the pest & termite contractors we’d referred our clients to, we felt we had to start a pest control division (in 2001), just so we could provide termite & pest inspections and treatments the right way – honestly and professionally.

Build it and they will come…and, well, that’s just what they did!

As our reputation and client-base grew, so did the demand for other services. And, in what seemed to be almost no time, we’d added general pest control, mole & vole control, wildlife control, mold treatment, mold restoration, and dehumidification services…and much more.

Then, we had a ‘light bulb moment’

We realized we really needed to add waterproofing & structural damage repair services….

At about the same time, while trying to find professional, reliable waterproofing service providers for our own homes, we personally experienced – first hand – the same contractor nightmares and scams we’d read about.

Because wood destroying insects (termites, carpenter ants, etc.) can cause serious structural damage, offering structural repair services through our Fenwick Building & Renovations division was a natural fit!

Demand for structural repairs quickly grew from only initially offering repair work on drywall, wall studs, and floor joists to now including girders, footings, as well as block and concrete foundation wall repairs.

Over 2,000 on-going, annual preventative maintenance plan clients and growing…

In addition to the traditional, one-time, ‘fix-something’ service visit clients, we now have over 2,000 South Jersey area clients who subscribe to a variety of recurring pest and termite and/or waterproofing and dehumidification services annual maintenance plans.

We’ve designed all of the services we offer through our our divisions to help you achieve and sustain the ultimate level or structural “health” for your home, office, or building…and for the indoor air quality you, your family, and your occupants breathe.

Whether pest control, mold, water damage or waterproofing…indeed, we’re “First Aid” for your home or building…
And so, we’re dedicated to providing you healthier living!

We’re passionate about everything we do and the services we offer…and we run our company with a sense of urgency, balanced with an unflinching commitment to honesty, ethics, integrity, and the absolute utmost in professionalism.

We have your best interests at heart. As our father has always preached – treat people the way you’d want to be treated.

I hope now you can see the connection in our services and that you’ll be able to trust TermiGuard Services & Fenwick for whatever water related issue that may be effecting your home or building and your health.

Rest assured, you will get the level of professionalism and expertise you have known to expect…no matter what service you’re interested in, you have now, or you’ve had from us in the past.

Dedicated to providing you healthier living…