Get Rid Of Your Outdoor Pests With MoleGuard

You work hard to achieve a beautiful lawn, often spending hours of valuable free time weeding and mowing. The last thing you want to see are large piles of dirt and open holes left by moles who have burrowed into your yard in search of food. And they are sneaky – they do their dirty work at night, leaving you to wake up to the mess they have made of your yard. This is extremely frustrating.

Why it’s hard to get rid of outdoor pests

Moles rarely come up to the surface of your yard, making it impossible to trap or catch them yourself. Instead, they burrow underground in search of earthworms to eat.

Moles travel underground to go from the feeding source to their den and leave large dirt piles where they initially burrowed to get into the ground.

DIY solutions will not get rid of outdoor pests

Desperate homeowners have tried many homemade solutions to try to get rid of these pests. These include everything from smoke bombs to mole baits to Juicy Fruit gum! These solutions are ineffective and a waste of time.

MoleGuard is a pest control company serving homeowners in South Jersey and Philadelphia. We have the tools and training needed to get rid of these pesky critters for good.

We will come to your home, survey the damage, and apply a treatment to your lawn for present and future mole control.

Contact us any time by telephone or on our website for a free estimate. We guarantee your satisfaction with our 100% money-back guarantee.