Getting Rid Of Ground Moles

Ground moles can be a real problem for a homeowner. Few things can ruin the appearance of a beautiful lawn faster than moles. These rodents burrow extensive tunnels underneath your grass. The moles’ tunneling activity causes raised mole hills to appear on your lawn. These mole hills kill grass and give your yard a bumpy, uneven appearance. Moles can ruin expensive landscaping, and can also destroy flower beds and vegetable gardens. The sooner you get these pests removed by professionals, the sooner you can reclaim your backyard.

Why get rid of ground moles?

Additionally, like all rodents, moles can transmit dangerous diseases. Moles can be hosts of disease-carrying fleas, which can be passed from the mole to the family cat or dog. Moles can also be carriers of rabies, which can effect both humans and pets. For safety reasons, it is best to take care of a mole infestation problem as quickly as possible.

Ways to get rid of ground moles

The best way to get rid of your ground mole problem is to call our service. MoleGuard employs only highly-trained professional pest control experts who know the best way to handle your ground mole issue.

Although there are some do-it-yourself mole removal products on the market, these poisons and traps are most often ineffective. Additionally, when improperly used, poisons and traps can pose a risk to pets and humans.

Many homeowners make the costly mistake of purchasing pricey and useless mole removal products, only to end up having to call a professional pest control service anyway. Save your time and your money by calling the professionals first. Your best option is to call Mole Guard, south Jersey’s pest control experts.

Because of the risk of disease, as well as the damage moles cause to lawns, it is important to resolve a ground mole problem right away. Call Mole Guard, get rid of the ground moles, and get your beautiful yard back.