Getting Rid Of Moles or Voles: A Professional Task

Have you tried getting rid of moles or voles yourself and been defeated by the pesky critters? Mole and vole elimination is not as easy as one may think. There are many different traps and techniques that you can try when attempting to get rid of moles or voles yourself. However if you’re a greenhorn, then the likelihood for success is quite low. Getting rid of moles or voles is a job best left for a professional mole and vole control service.

What Are Moles And Voles?

A mole is a small mammal, usually about 6 inches long. They eat invertebrates, such as worms and bugs. They create tunnel systems in soil to live and find food. Voles are similar to moles in size, except they have mouse like features and eat grass, bark, seeds, and leaves. Voles live the same lifestyle as moles, creating tunnels that damage your yard. Regardless of which critter has invaded your property, getting rid of moles and voles quickly will eliminate the damage they cause to your yard.

How To Identify A Mole Or Vole Problem

The most common way of identifying your mole or vole problem is the mounds of dirt that appear in your yard. The moles and voles create tunnels about 6 inches below the ground, which pushes up the soil of your property. The more tunnel systems the animals create the more extensive the damage is to your yard. Getting rid of moles or voles in your yard by using a professional elimination service can save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Getting Rid Of Moles or Voles

There are a few techniques that are used when getting rid of moles or voles from your yard. Traps are used to catch the animal. Bait is used in conjunction with some of the different traps. Repellents are available, however are not useful for long term resolution. Each professional elimination services utilizes different mole and vole elimination techniques. Contact your local pest control service to help you eliminate your mole or vole problem.

Experienced professionals have the knowledge needed to get the job done right the first time. The damage these critters cause in your yard is very frustrating and causes a liability to anyone that walks on your property. Taking immediate action by contacting a local mole or vole elimination service is the best course of action for a quick and permanent solution.