Avoid these DIY mole ‘solutions’

We all know having how moles in our South Jersey lawns or yards
Can be nothing but annoying!

Neighbors use all kinds of DIY mole solutions in an effort to get rid of their moles.

Why not a home remedy when dealing with moles?
Because here’s what usually happens…

Meet Dave, the DIY mole guy

Dave – the guy from down the street – has been battling moles all spring. And he’s spent a nice chunk of change on some of the goofiest DiY extermination products. The fact of the matter is – the moles are simply enjoying his moist soil and they’re not ready to leave.

Unaware of this, Dave continues his mole offensive

As spring gives way to summer and temperatures begin to rise, his soil temperature does, too – and so it begins to dry out.

And just as this starts to happen, Dave goes out and buys some Juicy Fruit gum – and next thing you know, he’s got it stuck everywhere in his lawn. (He might have gone a
little cuckoo.)

Meanwhile the moles have realized Dave’s lawn just isn’t cuttin’
it anymore… the drier soil is making it tough to dig, and there
aren’t nearly as many grub worms as there had been…

‘See ya next year Dave!’ and the moles are on their merry way to the next lawn or neighbor.

Dave notices the moles are gone. So, with no further DIY mole solutions, he begins to fill in their tunnels

He shrieks and triumphantly throws his arms into the air…

Yes! I’ve done it… I’ve defeated the South Jersey mole!”

Dave believes he’s found a mole exterminating solution – chewing gum.

He tells all the neighbors, and in no time, everyone has gum in their lawns…

Dave was so excited with his success, he visited all the mole & vole forums and he’s really spread the word… now everyone’s ‘gumming’ their lawns.

And so the ‘moles hate Juicy Fruit’ myth was born…

Ok, pump the breaks a bit Dave.

Sorry to have to put a damper on your celebration, but that was merely a coincidence, my friend!

Just because everyone’s doing DIY mole solutions, doesn’t make them right

Sure, Dave’s a nice guy… but Dave, Dave, Dave… sometimes ya’ gotta’ know when to call it quits.

Had Dave put down the chewing gum, swallowed his pride, and surrendered just a little sooner, he could’ve saved himself tons of time and gum money.

But, it’s a little too late now…

Dave’s already told the entire South Jersey area about his mole extermination success.

But what he doesn’t know (yet) – is that his furry foes will be back again someday, real soon!

Mole myths – busted!

To make sure you don’t make a mistake like Dave did, here are a few common ‘how get rid of moles’ myths that just don’t work…
  •  Juicy Fruit gum – The only thing gum does to moles is give ‘em
fresher, sweeter breath
  •  Moth balls – Scattering moth balls around your yard will only
result in one thing – your lawn’ll smell like Grandma’s attic
  •  Mole repellents – Are largely ineffective and potentially
harmful to your lawn and your health
  •  Sonic vibrations Theory is that tiny windmills and sonic
ringers create sound waves which repel the moles. Whaaa?
We’d say that’s just a bunch of buzzin’, twirly-whirlin’ nonsense
  •  Castor oil mixed with cayenne pepper – Supposedly the oil
sticks to the mole’s skin, and the cayenne pepper causes it to
burn and itch. Where the heck do people come up with this
stuff? Don’t waste your time experimenting with concoctions
that won’t work!
  •  Flushing out mole tunnels with water – This won’t drown a
mole… if anything, all you’d do is make the soil even moister…
for which the moles will simply say, ‘thank you for that…

The New Jersey Chapter of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association says the only time-tested, effective method for controlling moles is to trap them.

And, while we agree that trapping is an effective way to deal with moles, as an alternative, we’ve developed a proven mole baiting strategy that’s just as effective.

Bottom line – strategic baiting or trapping are the only proven ways we know of to get rid of moles…

The rest, as they say… are just a bunch a mole-larky!

If you’re like most homeowners, and you’d rather not deal with mole problems… remember – TermiGuard’s MoleGuard is always ready and standing by to deal with them for you…