Got squirrel problems? Don’t make this mistake

Squirrels are like all the other rodents and wildlife
We homeowners have to deal with…
They’re one big nuisance!

And we’ve already got a large & growing population
Of squirrels in our South Jersey, Jersey Shore,
Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia areas…

Can you even remember a time when you weren’t dealing with these furry pests, or hearing about the problems they cause?

I certainly can’t!

Sure, it may seem like they slow down in the colder months…

But just because we don’t see them or hear about them as much – don’t be fooled – they are still around.

Don’t believe us?
Just ask this New Jersey Homeowner…
(Although he might not be in much of a mood for questions)

The Hunterdon County Democrat reported this story toward the end of January, 2014…

“Frenchtown man arrested after shooting at squirrels
from second-story window, police report…”


I guess this homeowner was really fed-up… to say the least.

The man apparently used a pellet gun (he’d recently bought) to shoot at the squirrels – upsetting his neighbors in the process. Seems he didn’t have the necessary New Jersey permits… and those worried neighbors called the police, who arrested the pellet gun-wielding and frustrated homeowner.

Investigations later discovered pellets embedded in the siding and window frame of a neighbor’s barn – a building the neighbor apparently uses as a garage.

Take cover, Frenchtown residents!

A Squirrel Problem moral

Moral of the story – It’s probably not a good idea to shoot your guns without a permit, especially in a residential area. Yeah, we know squirrels and other rodents & wildlife and can be annoying… but, maybe it’s best to just leave it to a professional to deal with them for you instead.

We sure think so…

Shouldn’t the squirrels be hibernating anyway?

Squirrels and chipmunks burrow away and begin to nest in the Fall, leading into the cold winter months. That’s why we see them scurrying around as they stock up on nuts, seeds, and other ‘goodies.’

But, when it gets cold, they don’t warm those outdoor nests with miniature space heaters!

That’s why it’s common to see them (along with other rodents and wildlife) seeking shelter in our homes – mainly in our attics and crawl spaces. If we haven’t sealed them well enough, they can become the new home to many of our furry friends.

Surprisingly, these critters can squeeze through holes nearly half their size… and even less.

Rest assured, while they enjoy the warmth we’re providing, they’ll certainly cause damage.

Indeed, they’ll feed, defecate , and have babies in these areas – leaving us with smells, waste, and unhealthy living conditions.

And even worse, they’ll chew on your electrical wires. They’ve even been known to gnaw right through duct work and piping.

Needless to say, you don’t want squirrels – or any other rodents or wildlife – getting into your home during the winter, or any other season, for that matter.

If you’ve already got a squirrel problem…

If you think you may have unwanted critters running around in your attic or crawl space, do yourself (and your neighbors) a favor – don’t make the same mistake our North Jersey homeowner made…

Leave your weapons on the rack, pick up your phone, and call a pest control company (a company like, say, TermiGuard Pest Control Services) and let professionals inspect and take care of your furry intruders.

You’ll be glad you did!