Got South Jersey Termites? ‘Termi’ to the Rescue…

South Jersey termites are quite common along with other wood-destroying insects…

But, since they normally live inside the structural members of your home
The chance of spotting them is pretty slim.

We know termites and other wood-destroying insects can cause a lot of damage – and if not taken care of properly – can persist in infesting other areas of our homes.

Take action against South Jersey termites

If you’re a potential new home buyer or seller, we know how precious your time and money are.

But the fact of the matter is – sometimes these things happen – and we can’t turn a blind eye to them… right?


We need to take care of them!

And wouldn’t be great if there was a magic button we could press for a solution to every problem?

But we all know it’s just not usually that easy…

Now, now friends, don’t feel discouraged – stick with me a minute – because there is something you can do to protect yourself and your home or building from these munching pests…

All you’ve gotta do is just take action – and schedule yourself an inspection!

‘Ta-da’! Meet ‘Termi…’

Let’s face it, the problems created by termites or other wood-destroying insects can’t be fixed with a ‘home remedy’ solution.

Your best defense against these pests is to bring in a professional pest control company – and Termi is here to give your home the first aid it deserves!

But Termi doesn’t just put a ‘band-aid’ over the problem and hope it goes away – rather, he treats it and monitors it over time, so those ‘bo-bos’ stay away.

And, should you ever find you need him… here’s what Termi can do for you…

A ‘man’ of many trades? You bet!

Termi and his team will conduct what we call a ‘wood-destroying insect’ inspection on your property… meaning he isn’t looking just for evidence of termites.

Indeed, in addition to termites, he’ll be looking for evidence of other, maybe less familiar wood-destroyers, like…
•  Carpenter ants
•  Carpenter bees
•  Wood-destroying beetles

To name only a few.

And if Termi finds evidence of any kind of live infestation, he’ll provide you a treatment recommendation, an estimate for treating it, and a re-infestation prevention plan.

As I mentioned, he doesn’t just put a ‘band-aid’ over the problem.

Treatment plans will vary depending on the actual situation in your home… and Termi’s sure to have one for your unique situation. He’ll give your home the appropriate treatment, and he’ll come back afterwards to check in.

But wait… because Termi’s looking out for you, and because he believes in the quality of his work, he always backs his work with a no-bull, plain-language, written warranty!

Here’s what you’re gonna’ get…

  •  Licensed technicians – Who complete new buyer & pre-seller inspections that meet all HUD and conventional
lender requirements
  •  Professional, full-time customer service staff – We actually answer our own phones… imagine that
•  Peace-of-mind – Our 1-year, annually renewable warranty, with no first-year additional cost. And (check
this out) the warranty includes $75,000 in damage protection! Go ahead, we know you wanna’
say it – OMG!)
  •  Convenience – Our full, damage repair & restoration services – yep, our in-house team will take care of all
your repair needs.

So just know this…

Getting the best, right termite treatmentalong with annual re-inspections – are the two keys to preventing further damage and the risk of re-infestation.

Hint – Annual inspections – What most folks fail to do after they’ve paid for and received an initial treatment – almost guarantee recurring issues…

So… Don’t be like most folks…

Protect your home or building against South Jersey termites, along with your investment.

Termi and his team will be right there with you, every step of the way.