Ground Mole Traps

Ground mole traps are really the only effective way of getting rid of ground moles. If you’ve tried all the home remedies, if you’ve sprayed castor oil across your yard like its water and woken up morning after morning only to see new hillocks of soil everywhere, you know these nocturnal travelers can cause a massive amount of damage to your pristine lawn. It can be heart breaking to see years of care and attention messed up in a few days or weeks. Moles just love grubs and bugs that are found in the upper layers of your soil, and if you have been paying attention to your lawn then the chances are you’ll have an active ecosystem just beneath the surface which is like a beacon calling all moles in the area. Ground mole traps are efficient at ensuring that moles do not turn your lawn into a wasteland.

Why Get Ground Mole Traps?

While some poisons and deterrents may work for a short time, if you do not take drastic measures by using ground mole traps against moles, you’re likely to have a warren of mole tunnels across your lawn that is not only unsightly, but potential hazardous. Moles are highly adaptable.  Even if you cut off their food supply in one area or make their tunnels uncomfortable, they will just move to another area close by. Remember that moles are not rodents; they are insectivores and live only on what they can find in the soil. If you use chemicals and pesticides you may be doing damage to your lawn ecosystem without having any effect on moles at all.

Ground Mole Trap Experts

Ground mole traps have been developed for use by professional mole control experts. They know where to set the ground mole traps and most importantly, when to set the traps. While moles can be trapped at most times of the year, the best times are during the spring when they are breeding and during the fall before they start tunneling deeper for the winter. The best way to tell if you are in the right spot is to flatten the mole tunnel ridges and the hillock right down and use a marker to identify the area.  If, in 24 hours, there is evidence of tunneling, you know that this is an active area. You can then set the ground mole trap at the entrance to the tunnel.

Some people consider trapping to be inhumane, but the ground mole traps that have been designed for use today are specifically designed to eliminate the potential cruelty to moles. Using a professional is the best way to maximize the efficiency of a ground mole trap. An expert pest control company like Moleguard will identify active tunnels, place the ground mole traps and dispose of any trapped moles far away from your lawn. It’s effective, does not affect your lawn biomass, and gets rid of obnoxious ground moles for good.