Ground Voles: Nature’s Own Weapon of Mass Destruction

It is amazing how much damage one blind, oddly shaped critter can do to a backyard or garden.  Scalopus aquaticus , or the Eastern Ground Vole, is capable of creating a veritable underground highway of tunnels and bunkers.  Ground voles can actually tunnel 100 to 150 feet in a single day!  This is a pretty amazing feat, actually given their small size and delicate bodies.  It would probably even be considered more amazing if it wasn’t your backyard or garden they were tunneling through.

What are Ground Voles?

Ground voles are difficult to rid yourself of, not because of protruding fangs, venomous poison, or razor sharp claws—nothing so fearsome as all that.  They are difficult to get rid of due to their ability to tunnel quicker than you can shovel them out.  Voles can tunnel backwards and forwards with equal speed, unlike your shoveling skills. Just when you think you’ve gotten ahead of the Voles he’s turned around and is leaving you in a wake of dirt.  Truthfully, voles aren’t the ones out there eating your plants but they do create the getaway route for the pests that do.  Voles, another trail leaving pest, use Voles tunnels as do field mice and other creatures that find grass and bulbs appetizing.  Unfortunately, if you want to have a pristine backyard or garden these guys simply have to be evicted from the premises.

If you have found that your backyard has become a ground voles metropolis, your options are few.  After all, there is no pest détente.  Pests don’t send ambassadors to parlay or make deals.  They don’t speak your language.  You can give up and just accent their tunnels with sequins and Christmas lights, you can try to flood them out ala “Caddyshack” but this doesn’t always work as most voles are also classified as “good swimmers”, or you bring in a real pest control expert to help you sort the situation out.

Ground Vole Extermination

Pest control experts can help with your ground Voles problems quickly and efficiently.  Between traps and poisons your ground Voles problem can be taken care of within days.  If you are a bit squeamish in regards to ridding yourself of fuzzy creatures, as opposed to the six-legged variety of pest, there are vole control services that trap voles or offer Voles solutions so you can trap and move them yourself.

Spring is coming and with it spring rains.  Spring rains mean ground voles will begin to tunnel closer to the surface.  Be prepared for this circumstance by calling New Jersey pest control today.  They can help you with your ground voles and other backyard pest problems before they get out of control.  The very last thing your garden needs is soil upheaval and root damage, and given the lawn shock that can occur from pest damage you will absolutely want a solution to this unwanted problem before the harsh heat of an East Coast summer sets in.