I’ve been hearing family and friends complain about the damage to their beautiful gardens and freshly-planted flowers or plants… seems like forever.

They’ll say things along the lines of…

The moles are eating my (South) Jersey tomato plants again…”


“I’m so tired of those moles destroying everything…”

Moles DO, indeed, do their fair share of damage… however…

While moles are certainly responsible for lots of damage – like ruining our lawns with their elaborate tunneling systems, even tunneling into roots and causing damage – you may be blaming them for things they just aren’t guilty of.

Because we know a mole’s diet consists of insects – mainly earthworms and grubs – we know they aren’t likely the ones  who’ve been eating away at your plants.

So, if not Moles, who IS the culprit?

Drum roll please… The Vole!

On the other hand, maybe this pesky pest doesn’t really deserve a drum roll introduction…

Not sure exactly what a vole is? No problem…

Vole Biology & Ecology 101 – Now offered to you for a limited time only!

In South Jersey, we find the two most common types of voles are the ‘meadow vole’ (better known as field mice) and the ‘pine vole’ (or woodland vole).

So how can you tell the difference?

Glad you asked…

In summary, mole damage is likely vole damage

If you’re experiencing plant damage, chances are you’re most likely dealing with volesnot moles!

Admittedly, moles do their own kind of damage, but let’s not be too quick to blame them for all the destruction we may experience in our yards.

Just refer to the chart above, so you can be sure which of these furry pests actually deserves the blame… and your attention!

Now you know, this teacher loves to test!

And to pass the test, all you have to do is…
•  Refer to the quick and easy vole warning signs in the chart above
•  Recognize a vole, should you encounter one
•  Take action – call a local pest control company (like TermiGuard Pest Services) if things ever get too outta’ hand.

Then leave the rest to us!

We’re ready and standing by…