Handling Bed Bug Infestations In College Dorms

Bed bugs are a wingless insect that feeds on the blood of mammals including humans, bats and rodents. These blood sucking insects originated in Asia, but are now found all around the globe. A preferred bed bug meal is a sleeping human.

Victims of bed bugs suffer from itchy red bumps, which are similar to mosquito bites. These durable little brown insects are easily recognized by their reddish brown bodies and long antennae.

In the past, bed bugs infested residences that were dilapidated along with those that housed multiple families. Today, bed bugs are making themselves comfortable in a variety of homes including college dorms.

College Dorm Infestations

College dorm infestations can be extremely difficult for a student or dorm supervisor to eradicate without the assistance of a pest professional. Dorms are especially vulnerable because they house a large number of people and bed bugs can spread among the rooms easily.

In this situation, colleges such as Rutgers, Rowan and Stockton would be advised to contract the services of TermiGuard, an exterminating company with expertise in pest elimination.

A pest specialist will be able to identify the extent of an infestation and take the most cost effective path to exterminate bed bugs. Pest experts have a variety of options when dealing with an infestation.

College officials can assist pest specialists by adding mattress and box spring encasements to all dorm room beds. This will prevent a difficult bed bug infestation in these areas. Additionally, a pest professional can use chemical or non-chemical methods to eliminate bed bugs.

Chemical methods include the use of pesticides, which are sprayed directly onto live bugs and in their nesting locations to kill the insects immediately. Specialists may add a growth eliminator with their solution to reduce the life-span of hatched eggs that were missed in the initial application.

Also, pest companies such as TermiGuard will plan a time to retreat the bugs that hatched after treatment. Non-chemical methods include killing bugs with a steam machine, clothes dryer or freezer.

It can be unsettling to discover bed bugs. However, contracting with TermiGuard will provide peace of mind for college administrators who are responsible for student living conditions.