How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control

Prepping Your Home for Pest Control

One of the worst things that can happen in your home is a pest infestation. Just imagining those creepy-crawlers around your family and kids can give anyone goosebumps. From ants to roaches, to termites, to moles and voles, pests are a nuisance and it is important to exterminate the pests before they create bigger problems. 

After you have recognized a need for pest control, your next step is to call a pest extermination company to deal with the problem! Call TermiGuard for long-term and flexible services, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After the initial call, we will walk you through the extermination process and guide you through the steps of clearing your house of pets in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner.

But, what should you do to prepare your house for exterminators? While pest extermination does not completely interfere with your everyday living, it is important to take certain steps to prepare your home for pest extermination services.

Outlined here are a few simple suggestions for what you and your family can do to prepare for pest extermination services. 

Think About How Long You’ve Seen the Pests

The most important thing you can do to help exterminate the pests in your house is to keep track of or think about how long you have seen the pests in your house. By thinking back, you can give your exterminator the best estimate possible of how long these pests have been infesting your house. Think about when you started to see damage around your house, to see damage outside of your house, animal excretions, or niblings in your food in the kitchen. This estimate will allow us to best treat and exterminate the pests in your home.

The first step in our pest control process is an interview with the homeowner. That’s how we get a lot of our insights into what kind of pest we’re dealing with and how long the infestation has been going on. So be ready to talk.

Take Note on Where You’ve Seen Pests

Pests don’t tend to one day show up all over your house. Pests find a spot and make their way into your home. They are attracted to things like food and humid environments, so take note of where you see them. Maybe you tend to see them more in the kitchen, or maybe they are only prevalent in the basement. By taking note of where you have seen pests in and around your home, you can direct pest control services to the most accurate location, which will allow for the most accurate pest control services.

Put Away Food

A lot of pests are attracted by food, whether it is fresh produce or rotting food. Treating the pest problem will get rid of your pests, but it will not solve the root of your problem, their attraction to food, if the food is not put away or disposed of. We recommend that you clean out your fridge, pantry, cupboards, and other food storage areas prior to pest control services. By doing this big job, we can ensure that the pests are significantly less attracted to food in your house.

What can this look like? Maybe you have old potatoes in your pantry that you have forgotten about, or maybe there is a packet of flour that mice have been nibbling on. By being able to take inventory on these types of items, you can prevent future pests from entering your house and nibbling.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Water Leaks

A lot of pests are attracted to wet, humid environments. If you live in a naturally humid climate, then there is very little you can do to mitigate the environment. However, if your house is humid because of a water leak or something of that nature, then it is important that you take care of the water leak prior to pest control and extermination. The reality is that if we come out to do pest control for your house, we will do the best we can and we will come out for multiple visits as needed, but if the root cause of the pests is a water leak, the pest infestation will continue until the water leak has been repaired. So, take a moment to check out the water heater in your basement or check the ceilings for water leaks. This simple act can substantially change your outcome.

Dust and Vacuum Your Home

Some pests are attracted to dust and others can leave their eggs or exoskeletons around your home. By vacuuming and dusting your home, you can sweep up and discard these objects, which will prevent future infestations. If these eggs hatch, no matter how well the pest extermination service was done, you can still get more insects. Of course, TermiGuard will come out to your house if the pests come back, but it’s easier to finish it off once and for all.

There’s also the danger of family members with asthma or other breathing difficulties inhaling these dust particulates, pest feces, or exoskeletons. Therefore, we highly recommend continuously cleaning and dusting your house in order to prevent health and well-being issues for you and your family.

Cover Your Pets

While TermiGuard uses the safest and most environmentally-friendly pest control sprays, we still want to protect your pets. That means that if we need to spray chemicals inside of your house, we want to ensure that your pets are okay and no harm comes to them. Therefore, we suggest that you cover any aquariums, fish tanks, or animal cages with sheets or towels in order to prevent the animals from ingesting the chemical spray. 

Find a Place to Clear Out to

If you have a pest infestation inside of your house, we ask that you and your family do not enter the house while we are exterminating. Therefore, we ask that you find someplace to be during the day, whether it be a family member’s house, a friend’s house, or work. We want to ensure safety for you and your family.

Pest control is a team effort. With your continued support, we can work together to ensure that your house remains pest-free, safe for you and your family. By following these simple recommendations, we can collaborate and create a plan to exterminate the pests from your home once and for all, allowing a clean, safe environment for both you and your family. Call TermiGuard today to get started on pest control services!