Humane Mole Control Services

Use humane mole control services to trap the super mole that is creating a maze of tunnels in your backyard. No one wants to harm any animal unnecessarily; however, no one wants to deal with the consequences of unwanted pesky animals. Using safe trapping methods, such as a Pit Trap, can eliminate the mole problem without causing harm to the animal. Humane mole control services can give you peace of mind and a clear conscience.

Why use humane mole control?

Protecting animals is a large concern, when it comes to animal control services. Animals are a necessary part of our environment. Using humane mole control services to get the mole out of your yard and back into its natural habitat is vital to the ecosystem.

There are different types of moles found in different areas of the United States that all require protection through mole control services. The Star-Nosed Mole is found mainly in the northeast U.S., but can also be found in parts of the Southeast and Midwest U.S. The Hairy-tailed Mole is common in the northeast U.S. and other parts of the world. The Eastern Mole is found in the Midwest and Eastern parts of the U.S. The different moles all have their own distinguished routines, however the one thing they have in common is the nuisance and damage they cause. There are humane mole control services that can rid you of your mole problem, while ensuring no harm is done to the mole.

Contrary to popular belief, moles do not feed on your garden and grass roots. Moles prefer to eat grubs, beetle larvae and earthworms. However, if you have a super mole he can dig tunnels in your yard at a rate of up to 18 feet a day. As soon as you identify a mole problem, you need to contact your local humane mole control services to trap and release your super mole.

Humane Mole Control Protects Your Yard

The tunnels that moles dig undermine the grass root, which kills the grass and creates a path of bare dirt in your yard. Thus, take away from the visual appeal of the yard you work so hard to maintain. Farmers face the most expensive damage from moles, because moles damages cause farmers to lose income. The moles contaminate the farmer’s soil with silage, which is unappetizing to livestock. After a mole has destroyed the soil, the farmer is forced to put down new soil and plant new grass for the livestock to graze on. When moles begin to eat away your income and not just your soil, call humane mole control services. Humane mole control services will eliminate your mole problem, without causing harm to the animal.

The tunnels made by the moles cause stones and rocks to turn up into your yard. This creates potential to damage to your lawn maintenance equipment. Mole tunnels can be the root cause of an accident in your yard. The loose soil from the tunnels takes away the support of your yard, creating a fall hazard for anyone walking through your yard. When the tunnels in your yard create potential liability to you and your family, it is time to use humane mole control services, to limit your liability.