If you or someone you know has mole or vole problems – read this

MoleGuard gets great customer feedback!

For those of you who may not know…
MoleGuard from TermiGuard Pest Services
Is a popular service package focused on controlling moles & voles…Green-lawn-covered-with-mole-mounds

We all know the rodents in our South Jersey and Jersey Shore
areas love to make a mess of our lawns & gardens.

And, if you love your yard as much as we love ours… you wouldn’t
want to tolerate these pests that can leave your lawn & gardens
looking like a war zone, would you?

MoleGuard is up to the challenge – and can take the problem off
your hands.

A routine mole or vole service program. Scheduled at regular intervals, is the key to controlling these mole problems

Because moles and voles live and thrive in nature – and particularly in lawns and gardens close to woods and brush –completely eliminating them would be impossible. Besides, they do play a role in helping balance the ecosystem.

Problem is – we don’t want them doing their balancing act in our lawns and gardens.

Here are a few, key things you should think about when shopping for a pest services company to deal with your mole problems

•  If they claim they can get rid of your moles and voles, once and for all – they’re just not being honest.
Because dealing with moles and voles is an ongoing process, your goal should be reasonable
control… and any contractor who tells you otherwise may not be the right one to work with.
•  If they tell you they can get rid of your moles and voles by using pesticides to kill grubs (Japanese
beetle larvae), they’re wrong. You see, moles actually prefer earthworms to grubs.
•  If they suggest using pesticides to get rid of the earthworms…
don’t let ‘em do it. Earthworms are vital to creating and
maintaining rich, fertile, and aerated soil under your lawns
and gardens. While the moles and voles may be gone…
without the earthworms, your landscape will struggle
to survive.
•  If they tell you trapping the critters is better than baiting, they’re
only giving you half the story. While both can be effective, trapping
is more labor intensive, takes much longer, and is more
expensive than baiting.
•  If they propose baiting for voles, make sure the bait stations
they’ll be using include safeguards to protect your kids, your
pets, and other wildlife.
•  Ask your contractor what results you should expect and how long
it’ll take to achieve them. Bear in mind – controlling moles and voles
effectively take time and investment.

Knowing these important points and having clear expectations will better ensure you won’t be disappointed, make for better results and a healthier, more appealing lawn & garden.

And, to give you a bit of old-fashioned peace-of-mind, if MoleGuard doesn’t provide reasonable control of the moles and voles on your property to your satisfaction, we’ll refund your investment – no questions asked.

We thought we’d let our clients tell you about their experiences with MoleGuard

“Just a quick note to let you know how satisfied we were with our latest treatment. The technician who came to our home did a very good job with the application. It was focused and I really appreciate you taking the time with me on the phone to handle my concerns.”

Beth Turner
Lumberton, NJ



We’ve had our service contract with you for some time now, and would like to compliment you on your exceptionally polite, responsive, and knowledgeable staff. Everyone, from your office crew, to the many exterminators sent to our home to provide service have been terrific. We’ve never had a problem that wasn’t taken care of promptly.

You must be doing something right!”

Marcia & Joel Toub
Cherry Hill, NJ


“I was just wondering how it you hire the guys who work for you? Because everyone who comes out to my home is just as nice as the one before… if not nicer. The girls in the office are very sweet also.

Thank you so very much. Keep up the great work!”

Lisa Longyard
Mt. Laurel, NJ