Is it Safe to Remove Black Mold Myself?

Black mold in the corner of kitchen.

The short answer … absolutely not! 

The health and safety of yourself and your family in your own home is nothing to mess around with. Black mold can pose a serious risk, and therefore it is important to take its removal seriously. Call in the professionals so you can rest easy knowing you and your family’s health is in good hands. 

What is Black Mold and Why is it Dangerous?

What is commonly known as Black mold are actually the mold strains Stacybotrys chartarum and Stachybotrys chlorohalonata. Identifiable by its name-sake black coloring, black mold is often found in places of the house where there has been water damage, such as in basements, attics, kitchens, or bathrooms. Black mold, as all mold, naturally occurs in the air. A problem occurs when a spore lands on a wet organic material, including drywall or wood walls, and then expands from there. 

The danger of black mold is primarily derived from it’s toxic spores, which can spread easily and can lead to harmful air quality inside your home, leading to illness and impairment. 

The Serious Risks of Black Mold  

You may be tempted to handle this situation yourself, as you would many seemingly manageable home repairs. But black mold is not your typical, straightforward home repair. In trying to handle the situation yourself, you may actually make the problem worse, not only increasing the effort it will take to remediate the mold, but increasing the risk of harmful effects that you and your family may experience. 

The reason it is important to understand the risk of DIY mold removal is because the effects are not small or insignificant- black mold can cause chronic health problems such as prolonged coughing, inflammation in the respiratory system, skin irritation, headaches or migraines, and long term fatigue.  In some extreme cases, mold allergies can even cause vomiting, nausea, and bleeding in the nasal passages. 

Mold is an allergen, so there are people that are much more susceptible and sensitive to mold’s effects than others. You may not notice any symptoms at all from the “mycotoxin”, but it is best to get rid of mold in your house regardless. It is best to follow the motto- a healthy home should remove any mold of any color. 

Reasons to Avoid DIY Black Mold Removal 

As we said above, the dangers of black mold are serious. Beyond the risk mold itself presents, here is why it is important to leave the work to the professionals: 

  1. There are as many mold as there are types of people in this world! Only a seasoned professional will have the equipment to test and identify what type of mold is present in your home, and therefore what treatment is required. Experts will also know to test areas that don’t presently have visible mold to detect where mold has spread in order to eradicate it from your home entirely. Unfortunately, a can-do attitude and a deep internet search will not get you the information you need to effectively identify and treat your mold problem. 
  2. Without expert knowledge, there is a high chance that you will inadvertently make the mold situation worse by spreading it while trying to remove it yourself. This is because mold naturally releases spores, so if you do not properly contain the mold while removing it (which is challenging to do) it can actually spread to other parts of your house. The last thing you need when dealing with a mold problem is even more of a mold problem. 
  3. Mold is prone to hiding in unassuming places. In order to be sure your mold is fully treated, you want to be sure that all areas are properly treated. A mold expert will know where to look for full treatment so you can rest easy knowing it was all taken care of.
  4. Unfortunately, you almost certainly lack the right equipment to safely and effectively remediate your mold problem. Mold specialists have a wide assortment of tools and protective gear to fully remove the toxic mold while keeping themselves safe. Gear includes air filters, containment systems, and extremely strong cleaning products. Buying all of the products you would need for a job like this would be just as expensive or more so than booking an appointment with the pros. Without the full range of supplies, you are liable to compromise safety for you and your family during and after removal. 

And so, long story short- leave the removal to the professionals! Professionals have certifications and insurance for a reason. They are professional! By booking an expert rather than relying on your own google searches (no matter how deep you search!) you are ensuring a quality job with references and education to prove it. Experts will also be able to customize a treatment plan for your exact home and exact mold colony. A google search will not be able to get that for you. 

All in all- peace of mind in your own home is of the utmost importance. A professional can talk you through each step of the process and make sure that it gets done right.