Do I Need Pest Control in the Winter?

Little rat

As winter arrives, local New Jersey homeowners may be starting to see a spike in unwelcome guests as cooler weather becomes more of a staple and less of a surprise.

And just as we bundle up to stay warm, that very same chill in the air signals to some insects that it is time to seek shelter in cozy confines such as attics, garages, within your home’s walls and other places. Pests become harder to manage once inside your house, which is why prevention is crucial to enjoying your fall and winter months.

Common Winter Pests

Most insects disappear in winter, but a few stick around to cause us problems. These include:

  • rats
  • mice
  • cockroaches
  • spiders
  • squirrels
  • raccoons

Protection and Prevention from Winter Pests

  1. Check all doors and windows. You’ll want to be sure that all seals are in good condition.
  2. Inspect the screens to ensure they are all installed correctly and do not have any tears which would keep them from proper working order.
  3. Talk a walk around your home’s exterior. Look for any cracks or holes which would provide ideal access points to the interior. For example: siding, utility pipes, behind chimneys or near chimney caps, along bilco doors, broken vent covers, etc.
  4. Use the right products and tools to address issues as you find them. Some may prove more effective when used in an interior setting versus an exterior setting or vice versa. Always read labels and seek advice or help if you are not sure about any problems you are up against. If done incorrectly, all of your hard work could prove to have been for nothing!
  5. Exterior pest control treatments can be beneficial for creating and then maintaining a barrier around your home. With extensive training and familiarity with the nature of insects, your pest control technician may be able to aid you in a way you would not have thought of.
  6. Store trashcans and recycling bins in sealed areas such as a locked shed or outhouse. If trashcans are kept outdoors, use animal-proof lids.
  7. Trim back tree branches which extend over the roof line.
  8. Eliminate sources of moisture in crawl spaces and basements.

Do You Need a Helping Hand with Winter Pests?

Contact TermiGuard Services today if you are concerned about winter pests finding their way into your home. Protect your home and protect your family from undesirables. From repairs at past/possible future pest access points to prevention of infestation, allow TermiGuard Services to help you take back control!