Mole Prevention with Lawn Care

Holy Moley! You’ve got moley holeys and nothing ruins a green expanse of lawn than those unsightly lumps of soil that are evidence of the nightly excursions of tunneling moles across your lawn. As soon as you spy those telltale divots, you need to engage in some lawn care for mole control so that your lawn does not turn into something resembling the trenches in World War 1. Lawn care for mole control has to be employed as soon as you see the raised areas of lawn and soil that indicate you’ve got moles.

Why handle mole prevention through lawn care?

If the sight of these molehills is not disheartening enough, you should know that the tunnels of mole cause structural damage to your lawn. They kill the grassroots as they tunnel and this can cause your lawn to die back rapidly. All types of lawn and soil are vulnerable to moles and once you have a mole issue then you need to take steps to eradicate them or firmly encourage them to tunnel somewhere else. Lawn care for mole control can take different forms, one of the most popular is to place home remedies into the hole to discourage the moles from tunneling further. Mothballs, castor oil, and even burning paper placed into the mole hole, can be used to turn moles away, but they are more than likely to return unless you employ harsher methods.

The first step to effective lawn care for mole control is to identify the culprit. Voles and pocket gophers also tunnel across lawns and open land and often use mole tunnels to increase their invasion tactics. The best way to ascertain who your nightly visitors are is to look at the evidence they leave behind. Moles leave mountain-shaped lumps of soil. Vole rarely leaves mounds of sand and pocket gophers mounds are rounded in shape. If you have what looks like mini volcanic activity on your lawn then it’s a sure bet that you have moles.

The best lawn care for moles

The best lawn care for mole control you can use is to get rid of them forever and then block up their tunnels and place a deterrent into the entrance, or exit of the tunnel. Getting rid of moles forever means gassing them with phosphine pellets. This is a procedure that can only be carried out by an expert and is subject to legal restrictions. Another lawn care for mole control method is trapping them which is also best carried out by a professional pest control company in your area. Effective lawn care for mole control is only really effective if you remove the problem forever and that means you need to get a professional to trap and dispose of the moles far away from your green lawn.