Lawn Vole Control

Vole in a yard

Voles are among the worst pests to find eating away at a lawn or garden. Although small, these rodents do substantial damage to plant life. Unfortunately, often the vole infestation is detected only after they have already done significant damage to plants and grass. You need vole control long before then.

What is a lawn vole?

A vole is a very small mouse-like rodent that rarely exceeds 7 inches long when fully grown. Like other rodents, they breed quickly and a single breeding pair can produce 5-10 litters of pups per year. It is easy to see why vole populations need to be addressed quickly and professionally.

Aside from rapid growth, voles are hazardous to plant life and lawns due to the way they eat. Voles target the root systems of plants and burrow under the target and devour the plant roots until the plant dies. Once the plant dies, they move along to their next target and repeat the destruction. It is not uncommon to see a single vole population completely decimate a lawn or garden killing large numbers of plants and areas of grass. Because of their subterranean feeding habits, it is very hard to spot a vole infestation early.

What damage do lawn voles do?

Unfortunately, voles also often chew through buried cables, water lines, sprinkler systems and anything else that lies in their path. The tunnels they dig to feed on plants can be very dangerous, commonly collapsing under the weight of humans or domesticated animals. This can result in serious injuries.

The potential for damage combined with quick breeding makes it necessary to contact a professional immediately if a vole infestation is suspected. Voles are virtually impossible to eradicate without professional support and the longer they are left alone to breed, the larger the population will become.