Mole Damage: Unlike Any Other

Is your yard shredded by some sort of pernicious pest you just cannot identify?

Why would you need to know the intruder’s identity?

MoleGuard specializes in the identification of the vermin responsible for your damages. It is important to know which critter is causing the damage because each animal has a specific set of behaviors and different survival skills.

There are many different pests out there capable of a variety of destructive behaviors.

What Damage Do Moles Do?

Mole damage is different than many other burrowing yard animals such as voles, gophers, or rodents. Moles are one of the more active and messy pests.

When these moles take up residence in your yard they wreak havoc on your landscaping and gardening projects. They are known for piling up a substantial amount of turf, disturbing the cohesion of your lawn, and creating a messy patchwork of tunnels.

You may be surprised to learn that they are adept at hiding having learned from past trappers.

How do we protect against mole damage?

MoleGuard is available for all South Jersey residents who are suffering from the unsightly surface-tunneling signature of these moles.

MoleGuard specialization includes:

  • Identification of Moles vs. Other Pests
  • Comprehensive Mole Control
  • Superior Service and Expertise

Your labors should not be destroyed by an uncontrolled critter.

Do not trust your investment to anyone else. MoleGuard is the most highly qualified for this mole control in South Jersey. Call us today!