Mole Poison: Is It Effective?

They might be small ​and furry, but there is no way that a mole can ever be described as anything other than a pest. The damage they cause is phenomenal and if all else fails then you need to hire a mole control expert to administer mole poison. It might be the only way to get rid of them forever and reclaim your lawn. Moles love tunneling, it’s how they find food and they think nothing of traveling great distances to find the choicest grubs for their dinner. Moles are indiscriminate as well; if your lawn has the best offerings then you’re going to be denuded by the creatures.

Types of moles to poison

The most common type of mole on the eastern seaboard is the eastern mole and the star-nosed mole. Reaching up to about 9 inches long, these pests are not rodents, and live on a diet of insects and earthworms found just under the surface of your lawn. Moles are ferocious tunnel builders and can tunnel at the rate of nearly 18 feet per hour. That’s a lot of lawn damage in one night!

Not only do they leave unsightly mole hills all over the lawn they also leave their tunnels which are close to the surface and can be a hazard to anyone walking across your lawn. While there are a number of excellent ways of getting rid of moles; mole poison is the only permanent solution. There are a number of DIY recipes for mole poison but none of them have been considered very effective at exterminating moles, although castor oil mixed with cayenne pepper is the best home remedy to discouraging further tunneling. Commercial mole poison is available in a pellet form and a spray form, but the pellets seem to have the most effect on an unruly mole population.

How Mole Poison Works

In most cases, the mole poison is applied to the entrance of the mole tunnel and the mole will ingest the mole poison as part of its nightly feast. It is always best to get a pest control expert in to handle the poison and to place it in the correct areas, so that you do not run any risk of poisoning your other animals.

After poisoning, the mole will die and you will have to dispose of the body immediately to avoid any accidents. Dogs and cats have been known to eat dead moles and they then run a real risk of poisoning themselves. If you have a severe mole problem, or you do not wish to use mole poison pellets, then the only effective way of getting rid of mole forever is to trap them. This should only be handled by an expert who will trap the moles and then dispose of the bodies afterwards.