Mole Prevention

Moles can be a major pest problem for the home and lawn. Mole prevention is vital to the health of your yard.

What can you do to deter moles from inhabiting your back yard?

How to prevent moles

Moles have a harder time maneuvering in a dense, thick lawn.  Higher grass causes the same problem for the moles.

You may consider placing stepping stones in your yard or in the landscaping because this makes it difficult for the moles to connect their tunnels.

It is possible to trap moles as a mole prevention tactic. Traps should be set where the holes appear. However, the traps do need to be monitored constantly. They should be set in the spring when the mole problem begins.

Homeowners have used tactics to include dropping moth balls, cayenne pepper and castor oil granules into the holes. These methods are not always efficient. Many moles will simply go around the items. Then you’re stuck with a yard that smells like moth balls and pepper!

The very best and ultimately most effective way to control moles is to contact MoleGuard in South Jersey. You will avoid having to reseed your entire lawn, pepper your yard, or watch traps all day long.