Moles or Voles Problem? We Have a Solution!

We are MoleGuard, a South Jersey Mole removal company. We are here to help you. Our company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are just a phone call away. Contact us to find out how we can be of service to you. You have nothing to lose – except holes.

How can you tell if you do have a mole or a vole problem?

Typically in the Spring or fall and perhaps after a period of rain you may notice holes that look like a volcano scattered around your yard. You will see small mounds of new earth piled up. These are probably evidence of moles.

These small 8 to 9 inch creatures will rarely be seen as they usually come out at night. They can and will do damage to your lawn no matter how well you try to maintain it. In fact, the very things you do to keep your yard healthy will also attract these creatures.

How can you tell which pest you have – a mole or a vole? Like moles, voles burrow underground but unlike the deeper underground tunnels that moles make, voles will leave impressions around the grass surrounding the hole. Even from underground, they do major damage to both your lawn and your plants. Voles might inhabit the mole’s tunnel system. They may be there even if you do not see them.

Why call us instead of fixing the mole and vole problem yourself?

We do not recommend trying this yourself. Chemicals and some home treatments can actually do more damage. Why wait any longer. Call Mole Guard today, satisfaction guaranteed!