New Jersey Exterminators: Aren’t They All the Same?

Prepping Your Home for Pest Control

There are many New Jersey exterminators listed in the phone book and on the Internet, but some are more than just a pest control company.   Some do offer guaranteed plans and services that others do not, and deliver these services with a staff of professionals that can address all your needs.  From identifying and controlling the pests that are damaging your property, to the repair and restoration your residential and commercial property. Some can do it at an affordable price too.

What Do New Jersey Exterminators Offer?

Most exterminators offer to control pests, but guaranteed services go further. Unlike others, true professional New Jersey exterminators will protect and maintain the interior and exterior of your home and business. From the tiniest biting and stinging creatures, to larger ones like mice, squirels, and birds they can control them stopping costly and embarrassing damages to your property, making your home and/or business comfortable again. True professionals know how important it is to not just keep your home or office pest free, they also realize it is equally important to maintain the value of your home, yard, or commercial property.

New Jersey exterminators can follow up pest removal services by repairing damages caused by pests. Mice and rats chew holes damaging wiring, insulation and the safety of your family by causing a dangerous fire hazard. While all New Jersey exterminators can claim they can control the pests, some can actually repair damages the pests caused. Birds and squirrels nest in your home bringing fleas and lice with them. Once you have them removed, your professional exterminator can block the entrances to your property that lets pests and dangerous moister in.

Outside, voles and moles often damage landscaping and create dangerous holes in your yard, bringing ticks that carry serious diseases with them. Flies, gnats and fleas stop you from enjoying your yard by attacking you, your family and friends, as well as your pets. New Jersey exterminators can help you take your yard back and keep your family safe from injury, disease and costly damages.

Dually licensed New Jersey Exterminators

Unlike other exterminators, a dually licensed home inspector and exterminator service doesn’t end there. Maintenance and energy efficiency evaluations can help you live comfortably and lower your energy bills, something that is important to us all.   These experts can water-proof your property and repair your foundation to prevent property damage, and stop dangerous mold from robbing you of your home and health. Some even offer remodeling services that can make your home more comfortable and efficient, maintaining its value and adding to your comfort for years to come all at a very affordable rate.

Dually licensed New Jersey exterminators and home inspectors will help you add value to your home and keep your family safe. Other pest control businesses cannot offer the full array of services a dual-licensed company can afford-ably deliver. These select professionals offer more than just pest control; from inspection to repair they will help you make your home safe, dry, clean, pest free and in good condition. Call a dually licensed home inspector and New Jersey exterminator’s office  and see what makes them so different from other exterminators.