NJ Ant Control Issues: What You Can Do

A commonly heard concern about NJ ant control issues is that no one seems to know where they come from.  At times, they seem to literally appear out of nowhere and to be all over everything.  That’s when you find yourself calling ant exterminators.

The fact is, ants invade where they can to seek shelter or scavenge for food, or both.  They live in colonies wherein a queen (egg-laying female) resides with sterile female worker ants and short-lived males.  The worker ants are the ones that can be found scavenging on countertops, in fruit baskets or in gardens.  When one of them finds food, they quickly communicate this message to the other workers.  This is done by means of an amazing chemical message that they deposit on the substrate as they return to their colonies.

Why Get NJ Ant Control?

Humans cannot detect the chemical left by worker ants.  Know by scientists as a “trail pheromone,” it sticks to the substrate and remains there for days at a time, helping other worker ants find the snacks at the end of the trail.  In New Jersey, they usually begin to appear just after the winter snows melt.  By spring, they have become a full-fledged NJ ant control problem because this is when they develop wings and fly to invade homes or even to establish new nests.

As any NJ ant control expert will confirm, while ants look like termites when they grow wings, they are two different creatures.  Termites, however, also develop wings and look very similar to ants.  Ants, however, have thin waists and antennae that bend much in the same way as elbows bend.    Termites are thicker through the middle and their antennae look like strings of small beads.

One reason why NJ ant control is so difficult is because the ants will eat a very large range of foods.  They will infest anything with grease on it, sweet foods, starchy substances, most kinds of plants, animal food that is left out in open dishes, and even wood.  In other words, ants are usually found around humans because they like the same foods as humans.

NJ ant control issues deal with two different categories of ants.  The type of ant infestation should dictate the control strategy used.  The first category includes ants that normally live outdoors, but that will go inside a home or business to look for food.  The other type of ant actually lives indoors.

NJ Ant Control Methods

There are some procedures that can be followed for NJ ant control.  First, all crevices and cracks should be filled to eliminate the ants being able to enter the home.  Entry points that are left unsealed will, no doubt, find their way into the house eventually.  The second step is to scrub with detergent, any possible points of entry.  This will remove the pheromone.  Then spray an insecticide around those area.

When these steps do not solve the problem, it is then time to call in a NJ ant control expert to professionally remove the ants.