How To Get Rid Of N.J. Ground Moles

Ground moles are not harmful to humans but are very destructive and are enemies to human beings due to the destruction they cause, especially in gardens.

Thus effective mole control is essential.

The Dangers of Ground Moles in N.J.

The moles move rocks and gravel as they make tunnels which may, in turn, destroy the gardens. Another problem that they cause is making the soil light and therefore easily eroded by the rain.

Moles also make small hills as they dig their burrows, and these molehills are not good because they can cause accidents, especially on lawns. There is also the fact that as the moles drill into the ground when they are making the tunnels, they cause damage the roots of trees and flowers.

The tunnels can reduce the yield of your crops and also increase weed growth. They end up destroying the lawn by cutting the grass roots, which leads to the wilting of your grass and thus destroying the lawn and making it look ugly.

Since moles feed on small insects like earthworms, and if there are too many moles in your yard it can be quite dangerous since earthworms help to aerate the soil. By having many moles in your land you are encouraging destruction of the soil and this could lead to a permanent problem.

Getting Rid of Ground Moles in N.J.

There are a number of ways to get rid of the ground moles from within your vicinity. Some of these methods are:

  • Use of pesticides on the rodent is one of the major ways to get rid of them, there are some which come in spray form, and some are supposed to be sprinkled on the openings of the tunnels so that, as the moles leave the tunnels, they will come into contact with the pesticides.
  • Another way of getting rid of the rodents is by suffocating them. You suffocate them by blocking all the holes or the openings which they use, however this is not be the best method of getting rid of the moles. It is not very humane. Plus the mole may have a lot more tunnels dug than what you can find so you may not be able to block all the holes at once.
  • Another rather technical method is by starving them. If the moles go for long periods of time without food they will starve and die, therefore you can deprive them of food by getting rid of all grub worms in the soil. This may only reduce them but if there are no earthworms left, then they will leave and go to a place where they will find something to eat.
  • The fact that moles are territorial means that if you introduced ultrasonic sounds that will sound like other moles, the moles will be scared and run away because they will think there is another mole in the area. This will be a very easy way to get rid of the moles.
  • Trapping the moles is another way of getting rid of the moles. They are trapped and once in the trap you can set them free away from your home.

Ultimately, though, the most effective way to get rid of ground moles is to call the experts. Our Mole Guard program is guaranteed to get rid of these pests. Leave it to the team that has the know-how and tools to properly deal with the problem rather than struggle with DIY solutions. Call us today!