NJ Rodent Control

Another New Jersey spring is right around the corner, and with the change of seasons, comes the need to think about NJ rodent control.  Rodents most often bear their young in the spring and their populations can explode out of control very quickly if not kept in check. You’ll need a pest control expert if you find them.

Why get NJ Rodent Control?

Rodents are responsible for more than 35 identified diseases worldwide.  These diseases can be transmitted to humans who come into contact with rodent waste or who inadvertently handle rodent-contaminated objects. Rodents can also transmit diseases via mites and fleas.   This is why it is so important to contact a qualified NJ rodent control service at the first signs there are rodents in someone’s house.

One of the diseases rodents can carry is the Hantavirus, a deadly illness that is contracted by rodent bites or by accidentally ingesting their excrement via contaminated food.  The symptoms include muscle aches, fever, and nausea, lower back pain and respiratory problems and can result in death.  The infected animals shed the virus in their urine, feces and saliva.  Rodent problems should be handled by NJ rodent control experts who know what they are doing.

Another real danger that is posed by rodents is fire.  Rodents are infamous for chewing through electrical wires that can spark and catch nearby items afire.  Therefore, by enlisting the help of NJ rodent control, both houses and lives can be saved.  Rodents are dangerous!

Rodents not only ruin people’s health, and endanger their lives; they also ruin their homes and peace of mind. They can chew through mattresses, plastic or wooden food containers build nests in closets and trunks or even in sofas and chairs.  Each year, rodents cost renters and homeowners millions of dollars in damage by ruining perfectly good furniture, rugs, clothing and other items.  Calling NJ rodent control is imperative at the first signs that rodents may inhabit a home.

The Process of NJ Rodent Control

The NJ rodent control experts can come into the home and quickly determine the scope of the problem.  They are trained with advanced rodent control methods that range from trapping to damage repair and prevention.   The experts on NJ rodent control will leave no stone unturned until each and every rodent has been removed from the premises and prevented from returning.  These thoroughly trained rodent specialists know how to take care of rodent problems expediently and thoroughly and also know how to leave the homeowners feeling safe and once more, in control.

Finding signs that rodents are inside a home can be very disconcerting. These animals do not discriminate.  They can invade anyone’s home at any time, regardless of location, income bracket or level of cleanliness.  They are as content in a baby’s nursery as they are in a basement or garage.  The key to solving the problem before it has the chance to become huge is to pick up the phone and call one’s local NJ rodent control experts as soon as the rodent’s presence is noted.