NJ Squirrel Control Services

How much of a nuisance can a little cute squirrel be? You never know until you find that there is a squirrel with a big S on the front of his chest eating your vegetables and bird food; NJ Squirrel Control services can help you. Like many other Americans, when you think of squirrels you probably think of that car insurance commercial where they run out to play in front of your car. Squirrels act like little kids they tease you, they are mischievous, they ruin things and defy all of the rules. Do you find yourself fighting with the super squirrel that lives in your yard? Call NJ Squirrel Control services to bring kryptonite to your super squirrel and restore your sanity.

Do Squirrels Ever Get Full?

You find that you are filling your bird feeder every day, but never see any birds eating at the feeder. One day you decide to keep an eye on the bird feeder through the day, because there must be some big beautiful birds eating up all the food and you’re missing out on the bird watching opportunity. The first time you come through there is a squirrel eating at the bird feeder, so you put some fencing around it to provide protection from the hungry squirrel. The next time you look, there are two squirrels eating and another hanging from a branch about to jump down to the bird feeder. So now you realize that your bird feeder is really the community squirrel luncheon. When you find your birds are starving and your squirrels are greedy NJ Squirrel Control experts can help your birds take back their feeder.

Your vegetable garden, that you have put so much time and effort into maintaining does not seem to be fruitful this year. You spend hours out in the garden weeding and showing the plants love, while you watch the squirrels play in the yard. When you do find some tomatoes or other vegetables, they have big chunks missing, like a bite out of an apple. Now you put two and two together and realize those playful furry squirrels are eating from your garden. A NJ Squirrel Control professional can come trap those pesky critters, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What Is That Noise?

You’re asleep in your bed on a Saturday morning and you hear this noise. Once you get up and realize the knocking is coming from the attic, you wonder what the heck it is. You’re not going to open the attic door and get surprised that way, so you go outside and inspect the house. To your surprise you look up and find a squirrel climbing in your home through a hole by the attic vent. Sharing your home with a pesky squirrel is not an option, it’s time to call NJ Squirrel Control services to come and evict your new tenants.

Squirrels are cute to watch run up and down the trees and throw out popcorn to feed them at the park. When you find yourself sharing your food and your investments with them, it’s time to draw a line. The professionals at NJ Squirrel Control services can trap your cute furry friend and take him to the woods to find a new home. The traps used by pest control experts are safe and cause no harm to the squirrels. Squirrels may be cute and furry, but don’t try and catch them yourself, they are clever and can bite; leave the catch and release up to a NJ Squirrel Control expert.