Opossums Removal South Jersey

Call TermiGuard for opossum removal in South Jersey. Opossums look vicious, and their resemblance to giant rats can be a little disturbing. But more than the appearance of them is the problems they can cause around your home. If you have possums living in your attic or just hanging out around the property, call TermiGuard Pest Services in the South Jersey area.

Opossums in the attic do more than make a lot of noise. They also leave behind an incredible amount of feces. They also have a habit of falling into the wall cavities where they get trapped and die. Before you know it, you are dealing with a serious odor issue and no clear way of getting to the cause.

Don’t wait for the odor to drive you out of your own home or feces to cause serious health problems. Call for pest removal from trained professionals. The best way to remove these larger animals is to trap them and release them in appropriate areas. We offer services in towns throughout South Jersey including Cherry Hill, Marlton, Voorhees, Sewell, Moorestown, Berlin, Mays Landing, Medford and Mt. Laurel.

South Jersey Opossum Behaviors

Opossums also have a habit of eating whatever food is left out. This includes the dog or cat food that you might leave out for your pets. While this is more of a nuisance than a serious problem, it’s best to have regular opossum tenants removed from the property before they decide to set up house in your attic or in a crawlspace.

South Jersey Opossum Removal

It’s important to leave the trapping and removal of opossums to the professionals. Wild animals are unpredictable, and they are almost always faster and more flexible than people think. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be seriously scratched or even bitten when trying to move a cage that contains a frightened opossum. We have the safety equipment necessary to prevent bites, and we have the resources needed for finding a new home for the furry little invader.

The next time you need a wild critter removed from your property, call TermiGuard. We handle opossum removal South Jersey so you won’t have to.