Philadelphia Pest Control: Pest Treatments And Other Prevention Methods

Homeowners can do many things to deter pests from making their way into their home; however, even with the most precautionary steps, a Philadelphia pest control company is the ultimate protection. Some of the pests that commonly infest a home cannot be detected by the naked eye. Termites are one of these pests. A Philadelphia pest control service can detect even the smallest and unnoticeable pests with a simple yearly home inspection. As with any other home issue, prevention is the key to keeping everything up to par and your family safe. Inspections by a pest control company have many benefits and the cost of one of these is much less than the cost of eradicating pests.

Philadelphia Pest Control — DIY methods

Even with thorough yearly inspections by a professional Philadelphia pest control service, there are many things you can do to further protect your home from various types of pests. Items such as timber, dead sticks, and old appliances around the home are open invitations for an infestation. Philadelphia pest control providers recommend that these types of objects be kept away from all outside walls. This one thing can be the difference between preventing an infestation and having to call a pest control company to deal with one. Sticks and wood act as a shelter for termites and other pests. Once they have made a home there, they begin working their way into your home. Philadelphia pest control is your only option once this point has been reached.

When homes are first built, a pest control company sprays the concrete slabs for termites. This spray does not last for the life of the home and must be reapplied after so many years. Termites can enter tiny cracks in the foundation and begin eating away at your home. Philadelphia pest control services are the best way to prevent this from happening. Five years is the average length of time a termite treatment lasts. The spray should be reapplied after this time has passed. Treatments to prevent other pests need to be done yearly by a professional Philadelphia pest control provider.

Philadelphia Pest Control Treatments

Between Philadelphia pest control treatments, check the outside of your home for termite damage. Common signs of damage include small exit holes in wood and little mud tunnels. These visual signs may end at the ground next to the base of your home. Basements need to be checked regularly as well. Termites are attracted to outside timber, older homes, and gardens that have high amounts of mulch. Other pests are easier to spot and regular treatments by a Philadelphia pest control service can often prevent them from ever entering your home.

If you do happen to see multiple spiders, roaches, or any other type of pest, most likely it is time to contact a pest control company. These pests can spread throughout your home very quickly. In most cases regular Philadelphia pest control treatments will prevent these problems from ever occurring. Many homeowners attempt to remove the infestation themselves only to find out they were very ineffective. Only a reliable Philadelphia pest control service has the tools and knowledge to properly eliminate an infestation and make life easier once again.