Remembering Grandma’s basement, and the mold in it

I remember my younger, innocent years (nostalgic sigh goes here)…

I spent a lot of time with my grandparents back then – and if your grandparents were anything like mine – they were always telling stories, chock-full of life lessons. There were even books like that… “The Three Little Pigs,”  “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “Little Red Riding Hood” each featuring a moral, or lessons to be learned.

My Gram always told stories like those, too (still does, actually).

But now it’s my turn to offer one with a moral

In those days, I was always playing in Gram’s basement with my sister and our cousins. Gram had so much neat ‘stuff’ down there for us to get into.

Old clothes for dress-up, old hockey sticks to slap around, a rickety, old ping pong table, strange books, stacks of old magazines, and other collected ‘thingies’ long-retired – which we could bring to life and dream up new uses for.

I remember there was always an odd, sorta funny smell down there, too. But, I thought it was just how all old basements smelled.

In fact, it was a musty, damp, disgusting, and totally unnatural smell – because what I’d actually been smelling all those years – was mold.

We get a lot of rain in the South Jersey area, and Gram’s basement would flood with every storm. She’d spread newspapers on the floor to sop it up. Since there weren’t many effective basement waterproofing solutions in those days, she’d repeat this routine with every rain storm.

Gram must have known she had a basement mold problem… right?

How could she not?
•  Maybe she just didn’t want to face the issue
•  Maybe she just didn’t know that water getting into her home where it wasn’t supposed to be
was causing the mold
•  Maybe she didn’t wanna ‘foot the bill’ to hire a water intrusion professional?

Or maybe she really didn’t know she had a problem

Gram’s home had contracted a disease and mold growth was a symptom of it.

What disease? WATER!

Years of water intrusion (in her case, it was basement flooding), had started with improperly designed gutters & downspouts, clogged underground gutter drains, and a negative grade on the ground around her home (it had pitched back and settled, sloping toward her home, guiding rainwater directly to her foundation and into her basement).

Through our home services company, we’d even offered to deal with it for her, but the ‘fish weren’t biting…’

That is, until the storm of the century hit!

All of that ‘stuff we’d played with as kids was ruined, family memorabilia destroyed and lost… and the mold had taken over more than ever before.

It was only then she realized how bad her problem had become, and she finally took action and called us for help (Note – she hasn’t had flooding or mold issues since – and yes, she got the family discount)

Ever seen the Direct TV commercials where things spiral out of control, because the poor guy (or gal) hadn’t gotten around to switching to Direct TV? Some of them are actually quite hysterical…

Anyhoo, along those lines, here’s something to consider…
•  When you’re feeling lazy, you may just sit on your couch, eating chips all day
•  And if you do, you might put-off, or forget about cleaning your roof gutters & spouts
•  When you don’t clean your roof gutters & spouts, your basement might flood
•  When your basement floods, mold may begin to grow
•  When mold grows, your house will begin to smell
•  When the smell becomes unpleasant, nobody will want to come to dinner
And when nobody wants to come to dinner, you’ll end up eating alone!

The Basement Mold Moral?

You don’t have to eat alone! Have your problems taken care of – call the TermiGuard Services & Fenwick professionals at one of the numbers below TODAY!