Roll out the red carpet … TermiGuard is introducing a new feature!

Busy lives matter and we’ve listened!

We understand our Clients and Customers are not just diligent homeowners but hard workers and just plain busy folks! And because we all seem to be living busy (psst! and sometimes hectic) lives nowadays, we might not have the time we would like to spend with the companies servicing our property.

There’s a solution to your service woes…

When a service technician visits your home and you’re unable to meet on that day or particular time, how do you know what the tech did, what was seen, or if any issues you were having were actually addressed? Are you confident the job was done?

It’s about keeping you informed.

We’ve listened to the collective concern of our customers, taking an honest look into the way our company operates to… well… figure out a solution that best fits your needs.

We are practically busting at the seams to announce something we proudly designed with YOU in mind. Starting in November, whatever unique service you have:

· SeasonGuard Pest Control
· SeasonGuard PLUS Pest Control
· Mole and Vole Reduction Services
· YardGuard—our flea, tick, and mosquito reduction program
· No Worries Termite Protection Program

Your individualized report… will show exactly what time our technician arrived and left your property, our Customer Service Representative’s instructions expressing any particular concerns for your home, and the tech’s notes on how he addressed them– including a list of products used that day!

On your doorstep, in the palm of your hands!

As always, we are dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier. We want to provide you with the best possible experience every time TermiGuard Services & Fenwick visits your home! From the first phone call with our office staff, through the growing relationship we keep with our reoccurring customers, we are open to hearing your suggestions for improving.

You never know… you could be the inspiration for our next new feature!  

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