Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Asian cockroach

One of the most common pests in the US is these gross, disease-ridden insects. Roaches are not simply unpleasant, but they reproduce quickly and spread dangerous pathogens. Roaches can infest even the cleanest of houses and businesses, so it’s vital to catch these infestations quickly and use appropriate measures to contain the bugs.

Signs might vary from seeing live roaches in your home or smelling something musty in a particularly severe area.  As roaches are so ubiquitous, it is important to call experts when your property is showing signs of a roach infestation. TermiGuard Services will treat your home with care and ensure your property is free of roaches. 

Roach Infestations in the Kitchen

Picture this: It’s night, and you are going to get a glass of water from the kitchen. You turn on the light and you see a small blurb scurrying away. Thus you have encountered the most obvious sign of a roach infestation, seeing a live roach. While you might have only seen a single roach, there are definitely more living around the unseen areas of your home. Roaches are naturally attracted to places that are dark and moist, so your kitchen and bathroom will be their favorite places. If you think you have a roach infestation, make sure to check these rooms. Similarly, take care to clean things like excess food in the kitchen and pipes. Also take care in covering drains at night, as roaches are easily attracted to pipes and with some food scraps in the sink will entice the pests to climb up the drain and make your home their home. 

Dead Roaches

Similar to seeing roaches scurrying across your home, another common sign is finding dead cockroaches in your home. As stated earlier, one cockroach typically signals a wider infestation as roaches reproduce quickly and easily infest a building. Since roaches hide during the day and crawl around at night time, a roach corpse points to a larger roach infestation in your home, as there are likely plenty alive hiding somewhere else.

Also, dead roaches release an odor called oleic acid which attracts even more roaches. These roaches will come out of hiding to find their dead fellow pest. Thus it is important to handle a dead roach with care as roaches carry a variety of diseases. Never pick up a dead roach with your bare hands, instead vacuum up or use a trash bag to pick up the dead bug. It is important to act quickly after finding a dead roach and call an exterminator to professionally deal with your roach problem. 

Cockroach Droppings

A less common sign of a roach infestation is the sight of cockroach droppings in your home. As with many common pests, roaches naturally leave their business around their new spaces. It is important to properly identify roach droppings, as they are often mistaken for mouse droppings. Cockroach droppings look similar to coffee grounds and black pepper. Mouse droppings tend to be larger and have pointed ends.

Roach droppings are so small that they tend to be difficult to find unless you’re specifically looking for them. These droppings are found in their favorite areas such as inside and underneath cabinets and around large appliances. Alongside droppings, roaches also leave dark streaks in areas where they most often crawl, so keep an eye out for those as well! Similar to actual roaches, droppings contain many dangerous diseases, so it is important to handle them with care. 

An Odor in the Kitchen or Bathroom

When you are in your kitchen or bathroom, do you smell a particularly oily or musty odor? If so, this is another sign of a large roach infestation. The roach droppings have a particularly strong scent, and that means roaches are leaving these droppings within your home, signaling a wider roach problem. The smell is already unpleasant, but it can even attract more roaches, and these additional roaches will make the smell even stronger. When dealing with this strong scent, look for pepper-like roach droppings. Use a vacuum hose to suck up the droppings, and follow through with soap and water, and then use baking soda to rid your furniture of the awful roach smell. Again it is important to act early, as roach poop attracts even more roaches, so do not hesitate to contact an exterminator

Roach Eggs

Another common sign of roaches living inside your home is their reproduction— or their eggs. Cockroach eggs appear in places where roaches frequent, so again in cabinets or dark places in rooms they prefer such as kitchen or bathroom. Roach eggs are smaller than two inches and they tend to be brown in color. These eggs will hatch after 24-38 days and can contain over 50 roach nymphs.

Again roach eggs are symptomatic of a larger roach infestation as they are radibly repopulating within your home. You can destroy these roach eggs by stomping on them and then vacuuming or using a store-bought pesticide. To save you additional hassle and ensure that your home is fully free of roaches, it is recommended to call an exterminator. 

Act Now

It can take some serious work to fully rid your house of roaches. No one wants their family members or loved ones to become sick, so why would you let roaches roam in your home!

If you see any sign of roaches, you need to take action and prevent the pests from infesting your home. Signs of a roach infestation range from seeing live roaches in your home or property, smelling musty odors, finding small pepper-like roach droppings in cabinets, uncovering a dead roach, or discovering some roach eggs in a hidden spot. Handling a roach infestation is not an easy task, as roaches are so common and reproduce rapidly. Thus when dealing with a roach infestation it is important to call an exterminator such as TermiGuard, and they will ensure your house is roach-free!