South Jersey Ground Squirrel Control

Sometimes known as chipmunks, these small- to medium-sized rodents can present homeowners with a host of problems that necessitate calling for professional ground squirrel control and removal.

How do ground squirrels get in?

Ground squirrels tend to be stubborn creatures and resistant to many efforts to remove them or deny entrance to homes. Additionally, once inside a house or business, they often give birth to litters in attics, crawl spaces, and even interior walls. They frequently cause an array of damage to the place where they live, such as chewing electrical cords and insulation, depositing droppings, burrowing through drywall or weakened wood, damaging plumbing lines, and spreading a variety of rodent-borne diseases.

Chewed cords and interior wiring can increase the risk or electrical fires. This is in addition to potentially costly damage to the exterior walls, roof, or foundation of a house they desire to inhabit.

Many unfortunate homeowners in the South Jersey area can attest to the tenacity and resourcefulness of these pests, especially those who chose to seek ground squirrel control only after a complete infestation was already underway. The better choice is to begin planning for their expeditious removal when the first signs of their habitation, whether inside or outside, is discovered. Then the homeowner has the best opportunity to prevent infestation and damage.

Ground squirrel control

To determine if an invasion of ground squirrels is threatening a home, look for signs for entry along the foundation, at the eaves, or at any other vulnerable point in the structure, including garages and exterior doorways. Clues to look for include holes or signs of chewing, particularly where rodent teeth imprints are apparent. Droppings in attic areas or the sound of scurrying in the walls are signs of an advanced infestation of ground squirrels or other common rodents, including tree squirrels and others.

TermiGuard specializes in controlling a wide variety of pests common to this region of New Jersey, including ground squirrels. Utilizing time-honored and modern techniques for ground squirrel control, TermiGuard can rescue homeowners at any stage of their ground squirrel problem. Contact TermiGuard today if you are in need of ground squirrel control.