South Jersey Hotel Pest Control

Pests not only are annoying, some actually may carry life threatening diseases and allergens. Bed bugs, fleas and mice for example, are prime catalysts for inducing allergies in humans, and tragically, for those individuals with breathing issues, allowing these vermin to breed and multiply may create a dangerous risk to health.

But, wanting to get rid of pests is not an easy feat, which is why it is important to contact a reliable professional pest company such as TermiGuard.

Hotel Pest Control

In hotels and motels, bedbugs may infest mattresses and then crawl out at night to feed on the dead skin cells of their live human hosts. Maintaining a year round schedule for spraying such as with South Jersey Hotel Pest Control, will eliminate these nuisances completely.

Due to the difficulty for any homeowner or business to have easy access to duct work and other hiding places, bugs will thrive there once they set up residence. And as anyone who has been infested will attest to, once pests multiply, they are almost impossible to eliminate.

Fortunately Termiguard can help. In addition to the usual areas where insects set up shop, there is a danger of breathing in the dander, exoskeletons, and feces left behind. This has become increasingly dangerous in the last few years as individuals are currently staying indoors more than 90% of the time, and inhaling into their lungs more than 50% of the low quality air from basements or crawl spaces.

For ease of mind, and to save time when an insect or pest infestation is suspected, simply call TermiGuard, your South Jersey hotel pest control for a free no obligation test in all the nooks and crannies.

What the inspector will look for is the condition of gutters and other exteriors for evidence of pests and damage.

Additionally, if shrubs or plants are too close to the home or business, the chances of an infestation are much more probable, so this may need to be cut away.

In every case, insects leave a trail of where they have entered the home, and the inspector will locate and seal it. After the exterior of the home is inspected, the basement, crawl spaces, and duct work will be checked. If an infestation is present, multitargeting the problem and routinely spraying, will help to maintain a safe, clean, pest free environment.