Use a South Jersey pest control checklist to make sure that your home is free from pests all year round. Dealing with critters, creepies and crawlies, is an ongoing part of home maintenance. It is easy to give the odd cockroach a squirt with a pest repellent, and the occasional mouse doesn’t pose a health hazard, but what about the unseen pests? Pests can not only damage your home, but also the health of your family. Using the South Jersey pest control checklist will give you year-round protection and peace of mind.

The Year Round South Jersey Pest Control Checklist

The South Jersey pest control checklist for Spring: The months of spring are a good time to do a deep cleaning of your home. The weather is getting warmer and you can use the South Jersey pest control checklist to make sure that you get rid of all pests who may be breeding in spring or using the warmer weather as an excuse to come out and play. Ants are found on exterior walls during spring months, if you see a trail of ants leading out of your home during spring, it may be indicative of a nest somewhere inside your home. Beetles can be identified in warm patches of sun on the outside of your home in spring. To effectively get rid of pests that come out in spring you should clean thoroughly and get a pest control expert to come and spray your home for full protection

The South Jersey pest control checklist for Summer: The hotter months in summer are great for pests, but no so great for your home. Bees and hornets are prevalent from throughout summer, so you need to watch for any bee hives forming in your roof and under eaves. Getting rid of bees requires an expert pest control company. Fleas just love summer and they breed during this time. If you have animals in your home, you need to be aware of fleas and get rid of them fast. There is no point in just treating your pet for fleas, you need to do a full treatment of your home to stop further infestations. Summer is also a time for an increased amount of bed bugs which can be hazardous to your health.

The South Jersey pest control checklist for Fall and Winter: The colder months of fall tend to drive pests indoors and this is when they start to find nests for the coming winter. You should use the south Jersey pest control checklist to check the structure of your home for cracks and openings. You need to seal up your home as much as possible to avoid issuing an invitation to rodents and insects that hibernate in winter.

Prevention is always better that cure when it comes to pest control, but if you do have an infestation of any type of pest, you should consult with a professional pest control company to inspect your home according to the South Jersey pest control checklist.​