How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

If you’re looking for south Jersey squirrel control then you are probably looking to get rid of either the Eastern Gray Squirrel and Red Squirrel.

Both of these NJ squirrels have become a major nuisance to home and business owners in New Jersey and Philadelphia area.

These animals chew their way into homes, damaging fascia boards, soffits and gutters. Once inside the home, they can extensively damage personal items and attic insulation as they build their permanent nesting space. They feed on nuts, berries, bird eggs and nestlings, insects, bird seed and suet, flower bulbs, garden vegetables and human trash.

Two breeding seasons take place in Spring and late Summer. Litters average 4, but can number as many as 8.

TermiGuard Pest Services performs humane, non-lethal squirrel control, trapping and removal squirrels in NJ & Philadelphia. We use a variety of methods to trap and remove your New Jersey or Philadelphia problem squirrels.

TermiGuard also performs squirrel damage repairs and can install “exit only” devices or one-way trap doors in conjunction with conventional “Have-A-Heart” traps to control your squirrel problems.

You can count on our experience in dealing with this tenacious and potentially destructive New Jersey pest. The first step is to prepare the entire home and roofline for possible re-entry attempts after eviction. For this reason, we inspect the entire structure before eviction to identify not only the active entry points, but the possible re-entry points.

These include areas where rotted wood or defective roofline components would allow easy access. After securing the structure, we install one-way devices over active entry points to allow the animals to escape. Once through the device, the animal is not allowed back into the structure and is forced to find another home. The one-way devices are removed after a week or so, and the entry points are sealed with stainless steel screening.

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