Storm Damage in South Jersey

Storm damage in South Jersey

We have experienced quite a bit of storm damage in South Jersey over the years. The area has been hit with substantial amounts of rainfall, not to mention the winds and tornadoes that have torn their way through multiple cities and towns, created all sorts of mayhem, and left folks with devastating property damages.

If your property has ever been affected by the storms, you likely spent a long time on clean-up, or perhaps trying to get things sorted out with your insurance company so you can get the repairs taken care of by a professional, trustworthy water damage contractor.

Have Waterproofing Before Storm Damage

If your home doesn’t have an adequate waterproofing system in place, or if critical building elements have started to fail or weaken over time, there’s a good chance your property experienced some water intrusion through areas such as the basement, crawlspace, attic, etc.

Did you have any leaks? Did you experience any flooding? After a big storm, it’s important you know if water found its way in and therefore affected building materials or the structural members of your home. Even if you aren’t a home health and building science expert, you can certainly do a quick look around your home to check for any obvious signs of water intrusion or water damage that might have occurred.

What happens next is critical. If you’ve spotted obvious signs of water intrusion or are feeling suspicious, do something (like call a trustworthy and professional home health and building science expert to come out and evaluate your property) A.S.A.P.! 

Why you may ask? Well, lots of folks end up ‘brushing it off’.

The Dangers of Storm Damage

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Most homeowners don’t realize water is actually a disease when it finds itself in places it’s not supposed to be – our homes! And the longer they wait before taking action, the more time they allow for unwanted visitors to stick around…

The unwanted visitor I’m referring to is water of course.

Water (if not corrected) can saturate the building materials of your home and compromise integral structures and the foundation. To mention water will leave behind mold, bacteria, pathogens and the associated health risks. Mold and bacteria need water or moisture to thrive and they’ll continue to grow (and at alarming rates, too!) until you’ve eliminated the water or moisture source, had the water intrusion problem corrected and the mold remediated and treated!

And aside from the destruction, mold can cause to the structure of your home, did you know research suggests that a staggering 15-to-20% of people (that’s 45 to 60 million) have a reaction to mold in some way. And small babies and children and the elderly are even more at risks with their compromised respiratory systems.

So if you know, or suspect you have a water intrusion issue, don’t assume mold isn’t nearby. And if you do discover mold, don’t take an “It doesn’t affect me…” approach. No one really knows who it affects and how it affects them, so why take a chance, right?

Have your water intrusion issues evaluated and corrected today to help eliminate mold tomorrow!

Call today for your free, no-obligation consultation and schedule your water intrusion and mold inspection.