Sump Pump Maintenance…

If you don’t want to lose BIG dollars tomorrow by trying to save pennies today,
but do want to eliminate the heartache, headache, and fear of the potential disasters
with a water intrusion issue in your South Jersey home, you better keep reading!

Recognizing there’s a problem is the first step

It’s not uncommon to hear a home has some type of water intrusion issue – if that’s you, don’t get yourself all in a tizzy thinking your alone. Chances the guy across the street and the family around the corner has some kind of water intrusion issue too.

In fact, if you have a home that doesn’t have a need for any type of waterproofing solution due to water intrusion (perhaps it’s a newer home, or some sort of waterproofing system was recently put into place) consider yourself lucky!

The second step…finding the solution

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones, and instead find your battling against the almighty water intrusion “Gods”, there are a number of solutions available to you and your South Jersey home (or property) for your water intrusion issues – one of the most common solutions incorporates a sump pump.

A sump pump is part of an effective waterproofing system (given the right circumstances) used mainly in basements and crawl spaces and its main job is to keep the space dry and do exactly what it’s name says – PUMP (water out)!

When a sump pump is installed with a French Drain system, water that would normally seep or leak through foundation cracks would instead drain into a sump basin. The sump pump itself would then pump or discharge that water outdoors – ideally, far enough away from your home or property’s foundation.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Well, wait a minute…where did the water come from in the first place and how did it get in?” Well, I kinda just gave you a little hint – foundation cracks could be one way water is finding its way in – but if you want to know a little more, head over to this post

But in the meantime, back to the pump!

Here’s just a little more sump pump education for ya…TermiGuard-Services-and-Fenwick-waterproofing-in-s_1

The sump pump will either sit below (that’s also known as a submersible sump pump), or above your basement or crawl space slab. A float activator arm lifts upwards as water fills – signaling the sump pump to turn on and start pumping water out of the sump basin.

Since you’ll be relying on your sump pump to do exactly what it’s supposed to do – be one of the key elements to your waterproofing solution – you’ll want to make sure it works…not just some of the time, but ALL of the time. You’ll want to make sure it gets the water out, too!

Let’s face it…a sump pump that does anything less, well…really isn’t effective at all, is it? Especially because a sump pump that doesn’t function properly will only end up leaving you with a potential list of other problems if left ignored for too long…

Mold growth and colonization
Wood rot & decay
Damaged building materials
• Damaged furnishings and stored items

…to name just a few.

It seems like a regular preventative sump pump maintenance plan would help eliminate the heartache and headache of all the above! Oh, and a preventative plan saving you thousands in potential repair costs and damages, well that’s an added bonus too!

If you’re having trouble “buying” into it, well, just consider this…

It’s kinda like your car…

Imagine not maintaining the oil in your car on a regular basis – you’ll likely end up running into some issues with your engine sooner or later…

Your sump pump is no different – think of it as the engine to your waterproofing system – it too must be “oiled” and maintained.

We all know something that isn’t properly maintained will surely begin to fail – it’s just a matter of time.TermiGuard-Services-and-Fenwick-waterproofing-in-s

“Okay, so you’re saying my sump pump needs regular maintenance, huh?”

Yep! Sure am!

But don’t worry  – we already thought of that…

We’ve come up with a solution to ensure your sump pump’s effectiveness and overall quality of performance too.

That’s why we’ve introduced SumpGuard – a South Jersey sump pump maintenance program that’s intended to provide a comprehensive annual or bi-annual maintenance of your sump pump(s), also including related components in a perimeter drain system.

More specifically, the TermiGuard Services & Fenwick’s SumpGuard program is comprised of 10 steps, all of which were put in place as part of an overall strategy to help reduce sump pump issues not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Any issues found during the 10 step inspection (again, completed annually or bi-annually) will be corrected to ensure a proper functioning sump pump.

If a sump pump is your home (or property) waterproofing solution, do yourself a favor…ensure its effectiveness and quality, and don’t lose big dollars tomorrow by trying to save pennies today!

Invest in a maintenance program today and give your sump pump the attention it deserves! Your home and wallet will thank you for it later!

Call TODAY to discuss the SumpGuard maintenance program! We’re ready and standing by! (609)-601-9400 or (856)-753-1401

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