TermiGuard gets set to announce new service – Crawl Space Rx

TermiGuard Services is happy to announce our new
Crawl Space Encapsulation and Services division – Crawl-Space Rx

Crawl Space Rx will be up and running in the weeks to come,
serving the South Jersey, Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania areas.

Says owner Jim Allen, “Crawl space encapsulation and related crawl space work fits nicely with our family of home improvement services and reinforces our commitment to providing home and building owners healthier living.

“A significant number of South Jersey and Shore homes are built over crawl spaces… and we’ve been getting calls from homeowners looking to preserve their investment, save money, and protect the health of their family members.

“Needless to say, we’re excited about Crawl-Space Rx” Allen enthused.

Keep your eyes peeled for our official opening announcement.

But until then… here’s a little information about crawl spaces…

Chances are, you’re among the estimated 82 million people who have a crawl space in your home? And if you are, here’s something to consider…

The majority of crawl spaces are, or have been constructed with built-in vents – which are meant to allow the outside air to move into the crawl space.

This is a typical building code practice – and for the longest time, builders and contractors thought these vents were necessary to help ventilate inside air and keep it circulating – almost as if that ventilation was going to keep the air inside your crawl space… ‘fresh’ let’s say.

What they didn’t know…

In our area, the last thing crawl space vents do is keep the inside air fresh. In fact, enclosing a crawl space provides a wide range of benefits to you, your health, and your home!

Depending on the service that works best for your home – we’ll enclose the entire area of your crawl space, creating a controllable environment for both air and moisture.

Whether it’s sealing vents, sealing your foundation or floor joist cracks, insulating walls or pipes, or even laying down a durable a vapor barrier, we’re sure we’ll have a solution for the unique needs of your crawl space.

Not all crawl spaces are created equal… so why’s this necessary?

Truth be told – an open-vented crawl space system can cause many problems to the structural elements of your crawl space – and ultimately your home – because vented crawl spaces allow moisture to come in, whether or not it’s needed.

And even if you don’t have vents in your crawl space – if it isn’t controlled or conditioned – moisture will still find its way in, and with it can come a slew of other, unwanted problems, like…
•  Mold growth
•  Wood rot
•  Insect & pest damage
•  Damp, even moisture-laden insulation (making it ineffective, possibly causing it to sag or even fall out).

With excess moisture in your crawl space, your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems have to work overtime to balance temperature and humidity levels – meaning increased energy costs.

So moisture seems to be the problem… but where does it come from?

Moisture in your crawl space will typically come from one or more of these sources…
  •  The outside air – that’s why we’re not fans of vented crawl spaces
  •  The ground – even if you don’t have a vented crawl space, the ground can still be
a main source of moisture
  •  Your foundation – maybe you’ve noticed moist cinder blocks or concrete foundation walls?

Just the facts, ma’am…

As you can see – there’s something to be said for enclosing, or encapsulating your crawl space. Doing so can not only help you reduce your energy costs, it can also reduce structural damage repairs in the future, and even personal health issues as well.

Not only will our Crawl-Space Rx professionals turn your crawl space into a controlled environment by preventing future moisture problems, but they’ll will examine and resolve your water intrusion or moisture issues before they even start the encapsulation process.

Remember – At TermiGuard Service & Fenwick we won’t just treat the symptoms – we’ll identify their causes and resolve them.

And by doing that up front, we’re heading off future problems for you… and that’ll save you money and grief now, and in the long run…

When was the last time you took a good look at your crawl space?

Now might be the time!

We’re ready and standing by…

So… be sure to watch for our official announcement as we launch our new Crawl-Space Rx service in the weeks to come.

Questions about Crawl-Space Rx?

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