Termite Damage is Over $5 Billion a Year

Termites cause over $5.5 billion in property damage each year in North America! If only we could get a chunk of that $5 billion back. The good news is – we can!

By getting the right advice & services from a trusted, qualified, professional termite control services company that specializes in termite inspections, treatment and prevention programs.

Here’s why you’ll need a termite treatment and prevention plan should you discover termites in your home or building.

Your home is At-Risk of Termite Damage

Termites actually feed on the cellulose found in wood and wood-based products.
Indeed, given the chance, a single colony of Formosan temites (super termites) can consume the entire structure of a home within 2 years!

Maybe it’s time to take your home OFF their menu. Termites are particularly unique and beneficial, in that they can break down cellulose (the main component of wood) into usable nutrients. Once recycled and released into the soil, the resulting components become extremely beneficial to the soil, and to nature.

Termite Damage: Great for the Environment – Not Your Home

Yep, the real problems occur when termites begin this process within or on the structural members of your home or buildings in places like your basement, crawlspace, or attic.

Though infrequent, you may be able to detect subtle evidence of termite damage, which may include:

  • When termites tunnel into and damage your structural components, it can cause yourh ome or building to move or settle, which can make your doors or windows stick or difficult to open or close
  • Your baseboards may fall apart/disintegrate with a simple bump from the vacuum
  • When you tap on your wall surfaces you may hear an unnaturally hollow sound
  • Where they’ve eaten through drywall facing paper, you may find small holes
  • As termites burrow through drywall, it’s sometimes possible to see the lines of their tunnels on the room-side surface of your walls
  • Paint on your walls may bubble or peel in a way much like when water gets behind the painted surface

But here’s the thing. As a home (or building) owner, you’ll rarely see any evidence of termite infestation, because the scene of their crime is normally hidden behind drywall, siding, wood trim, floor boards, and baseboards to name a few.

How Do I Detect Termite Damage?

If your home can become the food source for a termite colony, maybe now you can you see why it would be beneficial to have a qualified pest control company inspect your home for evidence of termites – and if they find that evidence – give you treatment, as well as prevention options?

That’s why at TermiGuard Pest Control Services, we stress the importance of regular, annual termite inspections to identify possible infestation and damage.

Tracy Bracy, Regional Director of the Better Business Bureau says…

“Most consumers admit to not having termite inspections at all…
Let alone annually…”

As a home or property owner – if you have an undetected termite infestation – the damage those creepy-crawlers are causing is getting incrementally worse (and more expensive to fix) the longer you let things go.

No doubt, this has something to do with the incredibly high annual termite-caused, damage repair costs in North America. If more people would actually schedule an annual termite inspection – or subscribed to an ongoing termite treatment plan – with a qualified pest control company, it would likely reduce those annual costs substantially, right?

Property damage repairs become extremely costly when we ignore them or leave them untreated.

Would you knowingly let these wood-destroyers continue to chew away at your home?

Would you let them munch right through your wallet, too?

On the other hand, would you be willing to take preventative measures to protect your home investment and your hard-earned cash?

Taking preventative measures might be one way to get some our $5 billion back!

Something as simple as having an annual termite inspection is a great place to start…

Don’t know about you, but I’m not about to become a part of that statistic!

Start taking steps to get your share of that $5 billion back…

Get a termite inspection TODAY…

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