Removing Ground Moles

The problem of getting rid of ground moles has been around as long as the concept of cultivated gardens.  In fact, getting rid of ground moles and gardens seem to go hand-in-hand, with pristine lawns and golf courses joining in the mix.  While at some levels, ground moles perform a valuable job in helping sustain the ecological balance of an eco-system.  They eat grubs and other pests that harm gardens.  However, once they overpopulate, then getting rid of ground moles becomes a top priority.  In large numbers, these animals can wreak havoc on a garden, lawn or any green area.  Too many moles do not help maintain an ecological balance.  This can cause a chain reaction that results in ​all kinds of other problems. That’s when you call a mole control expert.

Why remove ground moles?

Moles are furry little animals whose entire world is under the ground.  They live there and spend virtually all their time digging and burrowing through the soil, building interconnected tunnels and building up the tremendous amount of energy that this takes by eating everything from insects to tender, young plant roots.  Moles are primarily blind, or have very poor vision because, due to their existence, they don’t really need it.  This doesn’t make getting rid of ground moles any easier, however.

Methods of removing ground moles

There are many different methods of getting rid of ground moles, the first being traps. Traps have both advantages and disadvantages. They tend to work well, but some of them can be quite dangerous to children and pets.  The ones that do not pose much of a danger tend to be the ones that are least effective.  Therefore, it might be worth it to investigate other methods of getting rid of ground moles.  For example, moles hate garlic.  Certain mole repellents contain strong garlic concentrations.  These come in liquid, powder or granular forms or can even be found inside small stakes that can be driven into the ground in intermittent spots along a mole’s runway, which is what their tunnels are called.

An additional method of getting rid of ground moles is by using a mole repellent that contains castor oil.  Castor oil is a natural mole repellent that, when ingested, causes severe gastrointestinal distress in the animal without killing it.  Once the tummy troubles go away, so do the moles, and they tend to stay away, so long as the castor oil scent is around.  This formulation is most commonly used in liquid form, but also comes in grains, powder and pills.  It is applied the same way the garlic is, and the ground is saturated with water afterward to help the castor oil sink further into the ground.

The only problem with someone’s trying these methods by themselves, is that they are hit or miss.  Sometimes they work.  At other times, unfortunately, they do not.  The only sure way of getting rid of ground moles is to enlist the help of a professional exterminator who can zero in on the problem and get rid of them permanently.