Think I may have Mold… To test or not to test? That is the question!

Mold issues in the South Jersey, Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, and Southeastern Pennsylvania areas – are being talked about more and more.

Homeowners are asking tons of questions – they want to do everything they can to maintain the safety of their health and home – while protecting their time and money…

How do they do this? They get informed!

Our goal is to address as many questions and concerns as possible, so we can help you, as homeowners, make the best, right decisions.

Mold occurs naturally in the environment as well as inside our homes and buildings. Lots and lots of moisture is what aids mold’s growth – so chances are, if you have colonizing mold, you most likely have a moisture or water intrusion issue as well.

Indeed, water and mold issues go hand-in-hand.

Do I have mold? Do I need to test for it?

You might already suspect you have mold because you’ve smelled it, you’ve seen it, or you (or a family member) have had a reaction to it.

But, some people may not be familiar with how mold looks on structural members of their home or building, they may not be familiar with the smell, and they may not recognize an allergic reaction was triggered by mold.

So, having a mold inspection is the best next step. Let’s take TermiGuard Services for example – our trained and qualified mold professionals perform a thorough visual inspection and assessment of the area(s). Here’s the biggest piece of information to remember – if a visual inspection reveals the presence of mold, additional testing is generally not necessary!

Here’s the scoop on mold tests

If a qualified and trained mold treatment professional can see or smell mold – there’s no need to test a sample of it.


You don’t need to know which type of mold it is, because there’s no benefit, and there won’t be a change in a recommended treatment plan based on the type of mold.

There are over 100,000 types of mold and guess what – not one of them is considered ‘safe’!

Once you’ve established you have a mold problem, instead of testing, you’d be better off using your time & money to resolve your moisture problems and getting rid of the mold contamination  – through treatment or mold remediation.

But… there’s always an exception…

In their ‘Mold Advisory Bulletin,’ the New Jersey Department of Health wrote (and we agree with their logic)…

“If mold is not found during a visual inspection and is still suspected of being present, additional testing may be necessary.” Read the Mold Advisory Bulletin

In other words, if we suspect a mold problem, but we can’t see it with our naked eyes, and we can’t smell it either… then we’d suggest testing might be necessary.

But why?

Because, while we might spot a moisture problem, leading us to suspect mold – but there’s no mold in sight – couldn’t the mold be hiding behind your walls?

In certain cases like these, air sample testing might make sense.

Some folks just want peace-of-mind…

Some people may feel more comfortable having a mold sample tested.

For others who have babies, small children, or the elderly living with them – we know how important having a ‘peace-of-mind’, ‘rest-assured’ feeling can be.

We’ll support you no matter what you decide.

But, keep this in mind for mold tests

We know dealing with mold can sometimes be a scary thing…

Why scary?

•  There’s so much wrong information available, it’s incredibly easy to be misinformed – so, be
careful about what others tell you, and especially so with what you read on the Internet… a
great many of those folks are misinformed, too
•  Many contractors in the mold remediation industry use questionable scare tactics in their
sales and marketing materials and presentations
•  Most home or building owners don’t really have a solid grasp of how to effectively deal
with mold
•  And frankly, not that many contractors specialize in water intrusion & building science.

To that end – our goal is to help put you at ease by eliminating those issues.

So, whether you decide to test – or not to – it’s your decision.

We just want you to understand your options… and once you’ve decided what’s best for you…

We’re ready and standing by!